World Famous Glass Designers Visited Efe Glass Factory.


Efe Glass, which is one of the important companies providing glass supply to our country's lighting sector, is one of the 21st century's most important companies. He became the main sponsor of the International Glass Congress. World-renowned glass design artists and academicians who came to our country within the scope of AIHV 2018 congress visited Efe Glass production facilities.

The congress will last until September 7, 2018, with the participation of more than 100 expert scientists on glass history from 27 countries.

Turkey 23, Italy 10, Israel 9, England 8, Croatia 7, America 6, Belgium 6, Germany 5, Japan 5, Bulgaria 4, Russia 4, Greece 4, France 3, Serbia 3, Australia 2, Slovenia 2, Austria 1, South Korea 1, Netherlands 1, Spain 1, Switzerland 1, Montenegro 1, Montenegro 1, Hungary 1, Egypt 1, Poland 1, Portugal 1, Romania 1, Ukraine 1, Jordan 1 artist and academician attended….

"It is very important that the Congress is held for the first time in our country"
Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Corporate Communications Director and International Glass History Foundation's 21st century. Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Congress Prof. Dr. Erdogan Köse: "Today we are proud to have welcomed you to this hall for 565 years. It is very important that such a congress is held for the first time in our country."

Efe Glass Board member Hami Eyilik said in a statement that taking part in such an important event for the first time in our country was very beneficial for us and for the sector. As a company, we will continue to contribute to the arrival of such important people in our country by taking part in such activities in the future.


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