World Lighting Giant Chooses Samsun for Production


Borsan Electrical and Lighting Products Group, which exported 237 million TRY in 2018 and has a turnover exceeding 550 million TRY, has launched a cooperation for production in Turkey with Sylvania, one of the leading companies in the global lighting products market. Within the scope of the cooperation, the first stage envisages annual production of 120,000 units / 2 Million TRY for 2 product families. The collaboration also aims to expand new product families in line with market needs.

Borsan Electrical and Lighting Products Group, which operates in many different sectors with 15 different companies and operates within borsan Group, which provides direct employment to 2,200 people, continues its strong growth. Borsan Electrical and Lighting Products Group, which achieved a turnover of OVER 550 million USD in 2018, including 250 million USD of exports, is making a new production move in cooperation with uk-based global lighting giant Sylvania.

Sylvania, which has organizations in more than 70 countries and is one of the leading brands in the global market in the field of professional and architectural lighting solutions, and Borled, an LED lighting brand within borsan Electrical and Lighting Products Group, signed a cooperation protocol for production in Turkey.

Within the scope of this cooperation, start Eco Downlight Flat and Start Eco Waterproof product families, which will be produced at Borled's factory in Samsun, which includes the largest lighting product laboratory in the Black Sea, will be launched under the brand name Sylvania. These products, which will be produced with test and quality certificates according to global standards, will have the opportunity to be sold to all international markets where Sylvania operates in line with the need.

Start Eco Downlight Flat, which has a total of 3 different body size options, and Start Eco Waterproof product families with 2 different body size options will appeal to the consumer with 3000K, 4000K and 6500K color temperature options.

2 Million TRY Production for Domestic Market and Exports in the First Stage

Mehmet Arbek Akay, CEO of Borsan Electrical and Lighting Products Group, stated that 120,000 units of production will be realized annually for 2 product families in the first stage within the scope of cooperation. In addition to the domestic market, the products produced will be exported to the Turki Republics market and European countries that our business partner manages from Turkey. Expanding new product families in line with the market needs of our cooperation is also among our goals."

Emphasizing that borled production facility has a monthly capacity of 880,000 units in plastic production lines, 750,000 in hair metal production lines and 334,000 units in assembly and packaging lines in an area of 13,500 square meters, Mehmet Arbek Akay said, "This cooperation is an expression of the confidence of Sylvania, a global brand based in London, England, with more than 100 years of experience, to Turkey and Borled's production power. We are proud that our business partner prefers borled factory for the production of these products for Turkey and European market. We are determined to develop our cooperation with mutual benefit production."

Mehmet Arbek Akay also made a nice gesture during the signing of the cooperation protocol between the two institutions and presented an antique projector bulb bearing the Slyvania brand with a 70-year history to Sylvania executives on behalf of Borsan Electric and Lighting Group.

World Giant with 100 Years of History

In 2016, Shanghai Feilo Acoustics Co., China's most powerful lighting products manufacturer, said that Sylvania, a London-based company with more than 100 years of experience in lighting, had been acquired by The New YorkEr. Azim Tuncinar, General Manager of Sylvania Turkey and CIS Countries, said that he strengthened his power with the acquisition of Ltd. "In line with this experience focused on excellence, Feilo Sylvania aims at innovative design and development; develops products and solutions in accordance with ever-changing market dynamics.

Our company, whose mission is to "illuminate your world" with thousands of products and services and to sign projects with energy-efficient, LED and IoT-connected solutions that can save money in the long term, started its activities in Turkey in 2017. While our Turkish organization reached all parts of the country in a very short time with its dealerships, we played important roles in major projects such as Çamlıca Mosque and Istanbul Airport. Sylvania has a reputation all over the world for its precision in quality and system in production. Borsan and Borled, which are an important industrial power of Turkey with more than 35 years of long history, have an excellent business partner identity to increase our production power in our country. We believe that together we will present important values."

Ayhan Siriner, Regional President of Sylvania Middle East, Turkey and CIS Countries, who was present at the signing of the cooperation protocol, emphasized that Sylvania, which is based on a long history in the field of lighting, has developed solutions specific to lighting needs with its products that offer high quality and energy efficiency worldwide, and added: "Sylvania, which started its commercial life in 1901 by repairing encandesan lamps, continued: "Sylvania started its commercial life in 1901. It is a global lighting giant with organizations in more than 70 countries and more than 8000 employees. In addition to global headquarters in London and Budapest, we have been producing lighting products in Belgium, Germany, France and the UK for over 100 years with our company brands Sylvania, Concord and Lumiance. We also have production facilities in China. We are pleased that Turkey, which has a worldwide reputation in industrial production, has become one of the countries where we produce. We aim to grow in this region together with our business partner."


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