WiZ smart lighting products are now available in Turkey!


A home full of smart lights: Signify introduces new, easy-to-use WiZ smart lighting products.

Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, launched WiZ smart lighting products in Turkey in a step that expands its product range for different audiences and personal needs. With the WiZ ecosystem and a new range of smart bulbs and smart plugs to make life easier for customers in everyday use, it's easier than ever to make your entire home smarter thanks to technology.

 Now every part of the house can be illuminated

Smart WiZ color LED strip is glued to a desired surface; it can be used on the ceiling, around the television unit, in any corner of the house. These strips, which can be easily cut and shortened for customized fit or extended up to 10 meters (the extension kit is sold separately), allow you to carry light wherever you want. With Wi-Fi connected, 16 million colors and hot white to daylight adjustable feature, it can be controlled from anywhere you are connected to the internet with mobile application or audio.

With wiz color LED bulb offering smart lighting recommendations for everyday life, you can create your choice of ambience with 16 million colors as well as white light from heat to cold. According to daily or weekly routines, the lights can be turned on and off, controlled by smartphone or voice, and the app can be customized to gain access to your lights even when you're away.  

WiZ also offers an easy way to find the right light inside the house. With smart home lighting WiZ, the lights can be dimmed, colors can be determined according to the concept (such as new year, party) or daily rhythms can be planned. By determining the needs through the applications, an excellent home environment can be created. It can be easily installed without the need for any additional installation or equipment. WiZ's wide range of WIFI-connected lighting products for all rooms in the house, including lamps, fixtures and accessories, allow you to emit colors throughout your home.

Make non-smart lights and household appliances smart

With the WiZ Smart Plug, which monitors energy consumption, every power source can become a smart outlet. WiZ's Smart Socket also makes non-smart household appliances and lighting products such as fans or lambaders smarter and controlled with the help of a WiZ app or voice assistant.

With timer and automated programs, lights and devices can be managed even when away from home. The new Smart Socket also stands out for having an internal counter that tracks consumption in order to save energy.

Osman Yalman, Commercial Manager of Signify Turkey Consumer Channel, said: "With the addition of WiZ products, a new era of home use of technology begins in Turkey. We continue to expand the WiZ ecosystem with our smart socket and smart lighting products. We help our consumers create a warm environment illuminated by smart lights that suit every lifestyle by providing an easy-to-install and easy-to-use ecosystem and a feature-packed application that our smart products connect to."

WiZ's trusted ecosystem consists of plug-and-play devices using existing Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth connections with a user-friendly app. This easy-to-use technology improves everyday life and spices up users' homes, as well as making fully connected intelligent lighting more accessible.


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