The Energy Department of America; to solve the light pollution caused by the blue light spectra, that is, the problem of "uplight", it presented the data needed to the lighting manufacturers.

Highlighting the need and importance of dark skies (AED), it reported that between 2012 and 2016, sky radiation increased by 2.2%. It was determined that most of this radiation was due to the reflection of the blue light spectrum emitted from 4000K LED lighting. He stressed the importance of the use of optics in lighting for this problem.

For efficient and environmentally friendly lighting, the amount of rays emitted from the light source must be at a maximum of 2%. To achieve this standard, lighting companies need to use not only Led lighting, but also properly calculated optical and reflectors. Accordingly, an ideal lighting design should have an optionally dimmable system that should direct the light from the source to the ground between 0 degrees and 70 degrees.
Product design changes from customers in some of our projects, for example; angular changes on the lighting console cause inefficiency and non-environmental problems. We're going to have to. In light of the data from the AED, we direct our customers to design changes that may be within the limits of efficiency and support indirect awareness. In addition, the lighting array takes an important place in efficiency and energy saving. At this point, it is important to prepare a lighting report. The form of sequencing recommended by experts is the illycing of the path to be illuminated by the form of cross-diagonal alignment.

According to bruce kinzey, a research engineer from AED, it is necessary to use an amber LED on the streets to increase energy efficiency. It is thought that 50% space radiation will be solved as a result of using Amber Led. But the penalty for this saving is that you can't save money. People will not feel well under amber color LED lighting and the sense of security will decrease. There is a consensus that the best option is to reduce the use of white light. However, due to its legal obligations, state institutions that assume legal responsibility lag behind in reducing energy levels.

These researches lead to lighting companies producing more environmentally sensitive products. Lampeti Lighting; It shapes product design and R&D stages in the light of this information and implements the most efficient lighting projects without losing environmental awareness.


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