What Type of Light Bulb should we use?


Replace halogen bulb with LED bulb

The halogen lamp is still installed in different houses. Although the halogen lamp can be easily replaced with an LED light, one reason why we do not prefer LED lighting is the amount of light and the color of light. We want the same light color as the old halogen lamp. Fortunately, a lot has changed in the LED world in recent years. LED lamps come in different powers and light colors. Therefore, if you want to replace the halogen lamp with AN LED, you do not need to choose blue light.

Light colors for halogen lamp

With LED, you can choose cold white, white or warm white. Do you want the same color as your old halogen lamp? Choose hot white. This corresponds to the light color of incandescent lamps. Color may vary by brand. The supplier will try to specify what light color the lamp gives. You can decide for yourself which light color to choose.

The power of your new LED lamp

You now have a halogen lamp with a power of 40 watts. You want to replace it with an LED light. Most LED lamps, see the lumene to give you an idea of the amount of light. You can choose a 3 Watt LED light. A 3 Watt LED lamp provides approximately as much light as your old 30 Watt halogen lamp. You have a 50 watt halogen lamp? Try a 5 or 6 Watt LED lamp. Soon you will notice that the number of lights matches.

Be sure to know the brands and ask for the sale

Led lamp seller specializes in lamps. Of course, the salesman can give you comprehensive advice on replacing old halogen lamps. Thanks to their advice, you will never get the wrong lamp. It would be unfortunate to buy the wrong lamp. Because you can use the LED for at least 10 years. You can enjoy this by choosing the right LED lamp, saving years.


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