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In this issue, we were guests of DEKA LED LIGHTING SYSTEMS. The company, which is about to turn eighth year; has signed very important lighting projects in our country. Company General Manager EBRU OKUTAY our references are strong, our products are high quality, our work has formed our marketing. He said that our brand started to move us forward because we believed it was time to expand abroad.

Can you briefly tell us about your company and your team?

DEKA LED LIGHTING SYSTEMS Is a company that has been actively producing and AUTOPLYING LED LIGHTING FIXTURES since 2010. Our company, which provides the transition from Classic Lighting to Energy efficient LED products that are increasing in the Lighting Market, is the Lighting partner of many companies that can be considered as the Locomotive of our country.

Which products do you produce as a company?

Our company produces Led Projector, Street Lamp, Canopy, Wallwasher, Linear, Park-Garden Type Burials and Bollards for exterior lighting. It also manufactures High Ceiling, Led Panel, Plastic Ethane, Emergency Kit, Lamp and Linear for Interior Lighting.

What do you do about Smart Lighting as a company?

Intelligent Lighting and Automation; It has become a must for energy efficiency. On top of the savings provided with LED products, arrangements made with central system and sensors can increase energy savings to 95% in certain areas. In this field, our work using the products of the leading software and hardware company in Europe has created complete satisfaction for our customers.

As a company, you carry out important project works at home and abroad. How do you perform your strum?

Led fixtures; It must be selected specifically according to the different environments to be used such as Warehouse, In-Store, Street, Factory. In this, it is very important that an expert person first chooses the most suitable light and fixture for the environment by doing DIALUX work. When you manage to optimize the right light with the appropriate number of fixtures, you become both a guide and a solution partner within your customer. We believe that the expert staff of our company also provides the necessary service to the customer in these areas.

What are our advantages and disadvantages when you compare the lighting sector of our country with abroad? Do we have enough technological infrastructure?

Turkey has a strong capacity in the production of Led Aramtür thanks to its industrial accumulation. However, the dependence on the outside in technical materials and the shallowness of the model in certain products are seen as areas where the Turkish manufacturer is problematic in creating a variety of products. We think that our foreign market power will increase with the increase of our capacity to develop our own original products.

Lighting experienced a big change with the LED. Do you think there are serious problems with LED lighting. What are the root causes of these problems?

It is a painful process that is still under way for led products to replace classical lighting. It is the quality problem that is still not exceeded in the market when it creates this painful process. Everyone, of course, wants to buy products at the most affordable price. However, they need to do serious research on the adequacy of the product they buy, since the fixtures made with low thermal conductivity cooler cases, unbranded LED chips and drivers (drivers) unfortunately become inoperable in a very short time. This causes the consumer to be suspicious of products with LED. When buying led products, comparing case weights, looking at lumen/watt ratios, paying attention to led chip and driver selection are the factors that make it easier for the buyer to get the right product.

Many global brands operating in the lighting sector are withdrawing from some markets or restructuring their lighting activities under different names. What do you think is the root cause of these developments?

I can't say for sure about this, but we see that the Domestic manufacturer in Turkey is quite ambitious in the Quality-Price balance. Today, the price difference of a quality product produced in Turkey with a product produced in China of the same quality is almost non-existent. The most important reason for this is that the prices of all inputs used outside of labor are very close to each other globally. This inevitably makes it difficult to sell goods from the foreign market to our domestic market. However, it is also a fact that we have an internal market that is significantly low price oriented and does not care about quality, and therefore products that can be prohibited even in the country where it is produced have a wide market in Turkey.

 How was the currency fluctuation reflected in the lighting sector in 2018? What are your observations on this subject?

Uncertainty in the economic sphere and a contraction in monetary sense cause you to hold off on the investments you intend to make first. The process shows that all companies, big and small, are as sensitive to finance as a crystal item, and the risks of breaking in the slightest blow are too great. What we've seen so far is that there's nothing significant in real terms, but there's nothing we can do but wait and see what the shortened maturities, rising prices and costs will bring in the coming period. However, it is also true that we learn once again what every crisis teaches; Our financial shortcomings require a shift towards exports in terms of ensuring customer continuity.

What are your expectations and objectives for the upcoming period as a company?

There is no doubt that the period ahead will be difficult. However, in order to get through this period, we intend to make a difference in the market and produce competitive products, especially by turning to innovative products. Again, we aim to reach new customers from domestic and abroad with an effective work in the field of product diversity and service


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