Ayhan Engineering company, which has signed reference projects in the project/contracting sector, continues to grow with sure steps in the Lighting sector with the LIGHTON LIGHTING brand it has established.

LIGHTON LIGHTING Project Sales Manager A. We talked to Halil BÜYÜKKURT about the production and future goals of the brand.

Can you briefly talk about yourself?

My name is Halil BÜYÜKKURT. I was born in Istanbul in 1982. I graduated from Erciyes University Electrical and Electronics Department in 2003. Then, in The Second World Division. I graduated from the Faculty of Economics as a university.
Since 2009, I have been actively working in the lighting sector. Since I first worked in the production department in the lighting industry, I think I have mastered the technical issues of the products. In this case, it allows me to inform the customers correctly during the sales phase.
In the past, I have had many sales successes that will make a sound in the sector in the companies I work in, as well as I have managed to bring many domestic and international reference brands to my companies.
Earlier this year, I started working as a Project Sales Manager at LIGHTON LIGHTING.I believe that I will bring more reference projects to my company in my company, where I work with 10 years of experience in the sector and our strong team staff.

Can you tell us about LIGHTON LIGHTING? What are the products and studies he has done now?

As LIGHTON LIGHTING, we operate in Sultangazi with its own 3000m2 headquarters and production area.

We are one of the leading companies in the sector in the field of Electricity, Project/Contracting. Since we have been providing turnkey service to our customers, which we have been partnering with for years, they have also started to request lighting fixtures from us.
About 2 years ago, we started to produce lighting fixtures specific to the projects in our own structure.
Thus, we established our own lighting company with our LIGHTON LIGHTING brand.

The biggest feature that distinguishes us from our competitors is that we are not able to do this. It is the installation of the fixtures that we produce in accordance with the customer's request, again by our team serving 24/7 in our own structure.
In addition, we try to serve our customers with new and innovative products that offer special solutions to projects.
After our products have undergon various tests in our R&D laboratories, we sell them to our customers and thus we guarantee our customers during the warranty period of the products we sell.


Are your product groups mainly for interior lighting?

No, we don't just have indoor fixtures. When you look at our reference list, you will see that we have successfully realized and delivered many of our outdoor projects.
Ip44 and above, which we are already selling, are in many new models that are in the testing phase outside of our industrial and outdoor products. For example, our R&D department is working on our economical series LED Street/Street fixture and our new High Ceiling fixture with a Lumen/Watt value of 160.

How many staff do you currently operate with lighton lighting?

LIGHTON LIGHTING has a total of 69 personnel with engineers, expert technical staff and production staff. Of these, about 44 are blue collar and 25 employees are white collar. On the white collar, 2 engineers, 1 architect and 9 technicians are working in the field.

What is the purpose of entering the lighting industry as a company?

Although we are a young brand in the field of lighting, we have been serving in the sector for 13 years in terms of electricity, projects and commitments. Therefore, lighting has been a part of our work in every project.
The fact that the companies also asked us to illuminate in each project we received gave us the opportunity to listen to the requests suitable for the project, to develop and implement special products for the project. In this way, we have learned to produce lighting fixtures through different channels by having different domestic producers produce products for each project.
2 years ago, we decided to produce/develop and follow our own products under the LIGHTON LIGHTING brand.
In the projects we have received turnkey for 2 years, we apply our own developed products under our LIGHTON LIGHTING brand in our projects.
Now that our product range has increased sufficiently, we have become a market appeal.

As you know, it is difficult to be preferred in the lighting industry. Quality stands out here. Since we do not compromise on quality, we have ensured that our brand reaches very large companies in a very short time.

How many products do you have in total as interior lighting? Can you give us some information?

Actually, it's not right for me to give you a clear number for that. Because in addition to our standard products, our product diversity is constantly changing and increasing numerically because we make different productions specific to each project of our customers.
Each project reveals a new product in itself. In this way, we have to constantly work on new products with our R&D and R&D team. As LIGHTON LIGHTING team, we continue our way strongly by adding different experiences to ourselves every day.

As far as we can tell, you're focusing mainly on engineering. Apart from that, you are in the process of branding. At this point, as LIGHTON LIGHTING, what kind of work have you done on branding?

We have a lot of work on this subject, but our most recent work was to participate in the Building Fair held on June 18-21. In this fair, we both provided the opportunity to introduce our brand to more points and had the opportunity to make new connections with our new customers from home and abroad.
Although it was the first building fair we participated in, we were happy that we got turns that far exceeded our expectations. Our goal is to participate in the international fairs that we have determined in global markets in the years ahead.

As someone from within the sector, how do you evaluate the lighting industry in Turkey?

Although the growth of the lighting sector in Turkey is proud, unfortunately it brings information pollution. You know, there are many companies operating in the lighting industry. Today, after being in the industry for 2-3 years, a person can say, "I'm starting my lighting company." Of course, it is debatable what a quality lighting company a company established like this would be.
There are so many companies that say "I am a manufacturer, I am a lighting company" that you can't understand what they are doing in the market.
It negatively affects our sector, especially in cheap and guaranteed products from the far east. Due to the lack of regulation, these undocumented and non-long-lasting products have a bad effect on both our health and our economy. The information pollution generated by the people who market them also seriously confuses our customers and unfortunately makes it difficult to sell accurate and high quality products based on this.
The quality standards of a product are set. But no one's talking about technical issues. This is most reflected in your prices. When we tell the truth, this confuses the customer and causes information pollution/confusion when the customer cannot perceive who is telling the truth. Especially after the LED, this information pollution increased more.
Our task here is to provide the right product to our customers according to the needs of the project.
In my opinion, the important thing is not to sell many products, but to provide the necessary lighting in the project by determining the right products with the appropriate quantity.

There is a Chinese factor in the lighting industry. In this sense, are imported products that impress you the most or poor quality lighting products in the domestic market?

We have no serious concerns about products brought in from the Far East. Because these products are not our market target. As LIGHTON LIGHTING, we want to make a sound by reaching more reference customers in the market by producing domestic products with our own products.
Our first priority in the works we receive is that the products we sell work smoothly for many years. Our aim is to make energy-saving long-lasting products that meet lighting fixture standards within the customer's budget.
Naturally, our competitors are domestically producing companies.
I hope that by adding more reference projects on top of our past successes, we will gain a greater place in the sector.

What do you think good lighting should be like?

For accurate and high quality lighting, the product needs of the project must be determined first. Lighting comfort parameters that will occur in the environment should be observed in the virtual environment through various computer programs that help in the field of lighting.
We need to analyze all processes correctly, from the first production stage, the test stage and the sales stage of the products with the required parameters.
It is necessary to ensure that the product goes to the test and quality department after the production, that after receiving a positive result in the laboratory in the quality unit, the seller is informed about the characteristics of the product and that all this information is transferred to the buyer correctly during the sales phase.
To summarize, in order for the lighting business to be of high quality along with the quality of the lighting fixture, it is easier to produce results-oriented and quality results with a certain quality in the sales, project development and termination stages of all sub-services.

You are mainly working on a project basis. So do these projects appeal more to the domestic market or the foreign market?

Our domestic customers have projects abroad. As a company, we also carry out these. We have a Moscow Steak house, which is currently underway, and a Café project in Kuwait. In other words, we also carry out the projects of our domestic customers abroad.
However, after the building fair, we did serious work on the Hospital project in Bulgaria, the factory project in Mongolia and street and street lighting in Nigeria. And now we've reached the contract stage with some of them. This is due to the strength of the brand within itself. We believe that we will be successful in such projects thanks to our reference projects and connections made in the past.

As LIGHTON LIGHTING, can you tell us about your future goals?

We are currently a company based in Istanbul. We aim to open dealers in the regions or to reach every region of Turkey with the least number of regional sales representatives. For this purpose, gradually strengthening our staff number and factory infrastructure is among our priority targets.
Undoubtedly, exports are among our targets. In the first place, we want to open our company's showroom in the Middle East. Following the end of the war in the Middle East and especially in neighboring countries, a major transformation and construction process will begin and therefore these countries will be our priority markets.






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