EEC ELECTRONICS Foreign Trade Manager Boran SOYUYÜCE, who started by saying that "where the buildings do not have lighting and where the risk of safety is increased" we talked about the importance of Emergency Lighting products before istanbul Light 2019 fair… -Can we get to know your company better in a nutshell?
-Electronic devices are a company that produces emergency lighting products with CE certificate.

We have been in the industry for about 35 years and are now fully focused on the production of emergency lighting products. We export 70% of our company's production (especially In Northern Europe, Western Europe, etc.). Domestically, we try to be in prestigious projects that want quality products.

-Can you elaborate a little bit on the information about your products?
-We produce emergency guidance, emergency lighting and emergency kits. We pay special attention to the quality of our products (taking into account our target audience) that we cover in these three topics. In addition, we try to renew and keep our product range alive. We produce ODM and OEM with our own brands to some of our customers abroad.
EEC ELECTRONICS branded DALI compliant Emergency Lighting products comply with the following standards.
•EN 62386 (DALI System)
•EN 61347-2-7 (Drive in luminaire)
•EN 60598-2-22 (Fixture)
•EN 61951 (Battery)
•EN 62384 (Photobiological Safety)

As a company, our products are sold comfortably to the whole world with documents and all tests.

-What do we understand or what should we understand when it comes to emergency lighting?
-Emergency lighting is a type of lighting that comes into play in extreme situations where there is no normal lighting and allows people to leave the buildings safely.
If we explain these situations; it is a secondary lighting that allows people to be evacuated safely by immediately activating the normal lighting system as a result of being disabled due to fire, earthquake, terror, sabotage.

Although it is very important because it is related to safety, we see that the issue is not given the importance it deserves in our country. But that's not supposed to happen. As a company, we meet the standards and even produce above these standards in the urgent lighting that is handled by regulation and quality standards abroad.

Day by day, the needs become more complex and automation comes into play. It is very difficult to follow up, maintain, test products manually. At this point, automation systems that can do everything on their own come into play in the requirements of emergency lighting. In recent years, we have witnessed significant loss of life. In this respect, emergency lighting is very important. It is useful to follow the public and private sector structures used collectively very carefully.

-Is there an institution in our country that carries out sanctions and inspections related to emergency lighting that will benefit the public?
-A number of permits are required during the licensing phase, but I don't think that's enough. I hope that more serious supervisory arrangements will be made based on the importance of the matter without encountering a situation that we do not want. In addition, we can say that large companies comply with the standards and attach great importance to the issue.

-Which institution (Municipality, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Interior, etc.) should come to the forefront in this regard?
-This issue can be acted on especially through models that have been successfully implemented abroad. These models are monitored and evaluated and those models are applied in our country as well. In many countries, standards are taken into account when entering the country. I think that even being able to prevent poor quality products that do not meet the standard in our country can be an important step.

-What would you like to say about DALI compatible emergency lighting products?
-As buildings become complex, the needs become more complex. These emergency lighting products need to be put into operation in a healthy manner and subjected to a number of tests in order to work. The feature of the branch stands out and is illustrated by making these tests (through special kits and circuits) and reporting them to the center. This product is important in terms of doing its own tests and reporting the situation.
As a result, our company produces "Emergency Lighting" products compatible with DALI automation system due to its specialty. The DALI or KNX automation business is another area of expertise.

-What kind of result do you achieve when we compare the domestic and international markets related to THE product in terms of marketing related to emergency lighting?
-We sell our own products abroad much easier. Because our products can compete with abroad much more easily in terms of price quality performance. However, we are facing serious price pressure in our own country. Because in the domestic market, price comes to the fore instead of quality. Abroad, the quality certificate of the product and the test results made by independent companies are requested. It is selective by traveling and seeing the production location.

That's an advantage for us. Because we meet all kinds of expectations with both our experience and product quality, which makes us stronger in overseas markets.

-How do you follow the guarantee of emergency lighting tests and maintenance in projects abroad?
-We are the manufacturer. We are not involved in the process of care abroad, but we guarantee our products for a minimum of five years (both domestically and abroad).
Our advertising rate abroad is 0.4%, which is 4 per 1,000, which is a very successful statistic. Four problems can be encountered in the 1,000 products we sell abroad. This is often due to user error. The lack of a return in terms of complaints about this issue is also proof of our success.

-Can you tell us about your restructuring process in the overseas market?
-Selling products abroad is not something that will happen from yesterday to today, it is a matter of accumulation. We have been selling products abroad since the early 2000s. This grows every year by putting it on. The world has shrunk, the internet environment and especially fairs stand out in this regard. However, the most important factor here is to produce accurate and high quality products. We sell our products to 55 different countries. Our overseas sales are largely based in western Europe and northern Europe. We are first in exports in the Netherlands and Norway. North Africa has become a big market for us. Especially in central Asia, we can say that our sales come to the forefront in the growing market, as well as in Portugal, Belgium, Malta, etc.

-As a company, is there a product that is not produced in our country in the future but you intend to produce?
– As a company, we attach great importance to R&D. Most of our investments are realized as R&D. Technology is happening very fast now and we plan to keep up with these innovations in the emergency lighting industry and become a pioneer.

– Can you evaluate 2018 in a sectoral sense?
– 2019 has been a bit challenging for the domestic market, but we are hopeful in the sectoral sense. In this regard, I think that the development of the construction sector and the tourism sector is an important factor in terms of resources.

Last year, the export import balance was 60% to 40%, compared to 70% to 30% in the first six months of this year. I think the balance here should be in the 60-65% band. As a result, I am hopeful for the future of the industry.

The right product and the right strategy take you to many different points. As a company, we are followers and practitioners of this. 2018-2019 has been the experience that has given us.
In particular, we believe that the company should be supported through fairs and press in these environments. In the coming period, we will continue to support this growth in exports in global markets.


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