Sylvania, which entered the Turkish market two years ago, has broken many memories in the Turkish lighting sector with its domestic production and global brand quality from a different point of view. "We showed how a 118-year-old global brand nationalized in Turkey, how the country strengthened its strength by integrating with its own strengths and dynamics", Sylvania Turkey and CIS Countries General Manager Azim TUNCİNAR told his readers about the work of the brand and its future goals.

As Sylvania, can you tell us about your point after the Turkish structuring?

As Sylvania, we have completed our 2nd year in Turkey as of this month. We entered the Turkish market with our launch at the Istanbul Light fair held 2 years ago, and we are happy and proud to be at istanbul light fair this year. We are working hard to bring Sylvania, a lighting giant in the world, to its rightful place in our country. Currently, there are Sylvania dealers in every region of Turkey in our commercial channel structure. Thanks to the widespread sales network of our dealers, it is possible to reach Sylvania branded lamps and fixtures everywhere. Besides the commercial channel, the projects are one of our priorities as a company and we took part in two very large projects last year. The lighting of the interior dome, library and exhibition halls of Çamlıca Mosque was announced last year at the 50th anniversary. We did it with our Concord branded fixtures that celebrate your age. At Istanbul Airport, we illuminated duty free offices with a unique and innovative solution with our Curvelyte fixtures, which also have the Concord brand. As of the beginning of this year, we started our work in the consumer and e-commerce channel. Currently, Sylvania lamps are available in Teknosa stores and online channels to the end consumer.

Sylvania brought a dynamism to our country's lighting industry. From the global side, how is the Turkish organization evaluated?

The Sylvania global management team is very supportive of Turkey and continues to see our country as a potential for the future. Our successes in spreading the Sylvania brand throughout Turkey and taking part in important projects in as little as 2 years are also carefully monitored by the global side and as a result of these important achievements, 9 countries as Turki republics have been given responsibility for Sylvania Turkey since the beginning of 2019. Therefore, as Sylvania Turkey, we are proud that our area of responsibility has expanded.

As Sylvania Turkey, you have been involved in many important projects. You have cooperated with domestic producers. What would you like to say about this…

In our fair interview 2 years ago, I stated that our domestic producers do extremely high quality work and have facilities in international norms, and they successfully represent our country in brand fairs such as Frankfurt, Dubai and Hong Kong. Therefore, I stated 2 years ago that we will cooperate with domestic producers, and our cooperation, which started with 3 domestic producers as of last year, continues very successfully. Alkan Asya, Borled and Heraled, which are selected and approved by Sylvania's global supply chain and quality departments in the UK after long studies, gain significant market shares and sign major projects together with the products produced by Sylvania quality standards and company norms. With the experience and know-how power of Sylvania Global in the lighting industry for more than 100 years, great synergy was achieved and production facilities reached European standards with their investments. I can proudly say that today 70% of our fixture sales, including commercial and project Turkey, consist of domestic fixtures produced by the efforts of Turkish workers and industrialists in our country and contributing to our economy.Therefore, Sylvania is a lighting solution company that is involved in important projects in the world and has a market share of more than 50% in some countries. Since we can offer solutions to projects in all segments today in terms of both product and system, taking part in important projects is actually a situation that should be for a company the size of Sylvania. Our goal is to increase the number of these projects and to bring Sylvania to mind when it comes to lighting projects. As Sylvania Turkey, our domestic production project was launched by our global supply chain and quality team in order to be more competitive and contribute to the Turkish economy and industry. Today, the production of 3 different product families in the commercial channel takes place in Turkey. We will have a separate area in the fair on the subject.

Big brands in the World Lighting sector have undergone a change and transformation. What are the main reasons for this?

LED technology in the lighting industry has disrupted the whole known order. With LED, the need for rapid change and competition was born. Companies that can keep up with this change and move quickly will be successful in the future. The developments we are experiencing now are working as I have stated.

Our country has been in an economic recession for 2 years. There has been a significant slowdown, especially in sectors such as the lighting sector. How much this has affected you.

Of course, the recession affected us as well as everyone else. However, with the awarding of foreign sales responsibility to Sylvania Turkey in 2019, we have overcome this recession by signing important projects abroad and especially by using our domestic production products in foreign markets. In addition, despite this slowdown, we have made 3 times our turnover in 2019 and 2018 as of the end of August. This significant growth shows that despite the recession, if you have a good team, if you never give up, if you do not compromise your effort to work altruistically and creatively, and if you have a good environment, a good customer community, your brand is known and you do business if it produces solid products.

Will Sylvania Turkey have any new surprises for our sector? Can you tell us about your future goals?

Surprise is in our DNA. Because if you are determined to work willingly, honestly and value-adding, it is of course a surprise and a surprise when you put your actions as a team into the market, especially under today's difficult conditions. So far, we have done what we need to do, so we have established the company, we have cooperated with domestic manufacturers as a global company as promised, we have increased our brand awareness in a short time, we have expanded our products, we have managed to take part in important projects. So far, no surprises. Our main surprises begin in the coming periods and I say keep watching us. In the end, our goal is to bring Sylvania to its rightful place in Turkey, to show how a 118-year-old global brand nationalizes in Turkey, how the country integrates with its own strengths and dynamics, and to ensure that Sylvania is the first company that comes to mind when it comes to lighting.


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