We Recycle Your Lighting Waste for Children With Autism


In cooperation with AGİd, IstanbulLight and Tohum Autism Foundation social responsibility, electrical and electronic waste, especially lighting, will be recycled to protect the environment and human health and contribute to the education of children with autism.

Technology is developing rapidly, and with it, electrical and electronic waste is proliferating at the same rate. The solution is to recycle waste containing valuable elements such as gold, iron, copper, aluminum and mercury, which can be harmful to the environment and human health. IstanbulLight will be held at Istanbul Exhibition Center on September 18-21, 2019. The International Lighting & Electrical Materials Fair and Congress, together with agİd – Lighting Equipment Manufacturers Association and Tohum Autism Foundation, acted to raise awareness and mobilize people about the recycling of electrical and electronic waste, especially lighting.

We Are Aware of Autism We Are With You With Recycling

Stating that their association is an organization authorized by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization for waste management of electrical and electronic goods, AGİd Chairman Fahir Gök stated that in line with this mission, they have carried out social responsibility campaigns on lighting and recycling of electrical and electronic waste. "Many electronic devices such as fluorescent lamps, small household appliances, personal care devices are not collected correctly and systematically and when released into the nature, the dangerous substances contained in them are mixed into the water, air and soil. This poses a risk to the environment and human health. By recycling these wastes, we protect the environment and human health, as well as recover the valuable elements contained in them and restore them to our economy. As AGİd, we are happy to support Tohum Autism Foundation with the social responsibility campaign 'We Are Aware of Autism With Recycling' while serving this mission with IstanbulLight Fair, which we are supporting."

Support the education of children with autism by bringing your lighting waste to IstanbulLight

Stating that a lighting waste area will be created at IstanbulLight Fair within the scope of cooperation, IstanbulLight Fair Manager Mustafa Çelen said, "Our aim is to contribute to the awareness of the recycling of lighting wastes. For this purpose, we are creating a waste area in IstanbulLight. In order to encourage, we will give surprise gifts to the two people who bring the most lighting waste with them every day when visiting the fair. In addition, we will be contributing to the protection of the environment and human health and to the education activities of tohum Autism Foundation on children with autism. Education is a vital need for our children with autism, far beyond the constitutional right. Therefore, we ask our visitors to come with their waste."

1 in 59 children born today is born with autism risk

Autism is a complex neuro – developmental difference that is innate and noticed in the first three years of life. One child is diagnosed with autism every 20 minutes in the world, and 1 in 59 children born today is born with an autism risk. When we project the population, it is estimated that there are approximately 1,387,580 individuals with autism in our country and there are 5,550,320 family members affected. In our country, there are only 30,050 children and young people with autism between the ages of 0-19 who can school and have access to education. Tohum Turkey Autism Early Diagnosis and Education Foundation leads the early diagnosis of children with "Autism Spectrum Disorder", bringing them into society through private education and operates in the public interest without profit to be spread throughout the country.


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