In this issue, we visited OXIRON Led Lighting company, one of the youngest manufacturers of our country's lighting industry. OXIRON has taken its place among the most developed lighting brands in as little as 5 years. In 2020, it expanded its product range with its LED BULB investment. We discussed the new investment and the point of the brand with Abdullah KILINÇ, Chairman of OXIRON Led Lighting Board of Directors.

Can you tell us about the point you have reached since the establishment of 2015?

OXIRON's primary goal has been to be positioned correctly in the sector. We plan to bring new products for the lighting sector to our country. We attach great importance to branding, so we plan to focus on the right points by separating our target audience.

We carry out our production works in our factory in Çorlu Organized Industrial Zone by observing world standards. By serving domestic and international customers with our experienced employees, we aim to make oxiron name a brand first in our country and then worldwide with our investments for the future. While creating brand perception, we will also be open to alternative collaborations within the sector.

Where are you in the sector as a company?

With the developing technology, the power we receive from our investments in this field, the variety of production and our capacity carry the development and change in production to our country simultaneously with the world, while the fairs we participate in, the projects we carry out, take a significant place in the market. There are important brands in our country worldwide. We have encountered these brands as competition in many projects. We made progress on the field by setting ourselves a goal. We didn't go down the path of becoming a very expensive brand, nor did we have a simple idea of 'let's do it'. We tried to provide this how we could offer quality at an affordable price. When evaluated in this respect, our OXIRON brand has successfully completed projects in the sector and reached a position that deserves praise.

Have you had any additional investments in this process as a company?

We have expanded our wide range of production by starting to produce LED bulbs. I have produced LED bulbs and our lines consist of automated machines from the first process to the final packing process. We currently have a production capacity of 1 million LED bulbs per month. We are working to increase our production capacity with our new investments.

OXIRON regularly continues its research and development processes in order to maintain sustainable development and strength in the sector by increasing its budget for investments. We became stronger with the participation of new friends who are experts in their fields. 
Equipped with the latest technology, our machine track supports high quality and reliability with high hardware features and software.

Our main goal has been to make a more efficient and high quality production by expanding our quality control team. We continue to put our investments on it every day. We continue our R&D efforts with the aim of reducing dependence on the outside by further increasing the variety and quality of our domestic and national products. We want to achieve new achievements with the pride of supporting the economic war of our country by producing domestically.

Can you tell us about your product range and capacity?

We strive to ensure smooth and timely delivery to our customers by rigorously testing our environmentally friendly products from production to packaging stage in the assurance of quality ENEC, CE, TSE and ISO certificates. We adopt an accessible price policy while making a difference with our success in developing unique alternatives with our expert staff for the management of our customers' special project and design processes.

Our range of products in lighting is quite wide. Our new product line has expanded further with the start of the production of "Bulb with Saving and Long-Lasting Led" . In addition, we aim to enrich this product group by adding more product variants to the Led bulb group.

In order to compete, we need to constantly confront our customers with new and technological products. So that it is possible to get a share in the sector. It's not enough just to make good products, there's also a marketing dimension to it. It is necessary to market the product well so that it reaches people and a good sales figure is achieved. At this point, we have allocated a significant advertising and promotional budget in order to achieve a successful sales and marketing chart of "Oxiron Led Bulbs".

We create an innovative line by constantly adding new product ranges and models to our product range. We work hard to provide products that are competitive, high quality and will provide ease of installation. With our marketing sales staff, we act as a supply platform that meets all the needs of our customers end-to-end.

We will bring our products to the end consumer both through the wholesale channel and through retail points. With our 85% saving Led Bulbs produced with the latest technology, consumers will be able to easily access the Oxiron brand from many outlets.

There are products that enter the market in some way without being inspected from abroad. Have you done any research on the point of competition?

Our country has a clear economic structure in the free market economy. In such environments, you need to be ready for all kinds of possibilities. Every industry has complaints about this, you have no chance of becoming a successful producer by being influenced by it. Considering the socioeconomic structure of our country, we can see that there is a buyer of all kinds of products. We also act by analyzing the price at which we can sell quality in this environment. Selling the quality, which is important for companies with brand value, at an affordable price will be the main goal. At this point, we strive to provide our customers with the most suitable solutions in terms of energy saving, efficiency, quality, competitive price, service life and durability.

Unfortunately, disposable logic has been established in our country. We see that this is a great burden on the consumer and our economy. After all, it is imperative that producers are protected at the point of tax and control. Ensuring this is a good investigation of the situation by the relevant institutions of the state. We producers are entering into a serious investment, even in the current economic environment. There must be a reaction to these issues. Foreigners can be more aggressive if the same conditions are abroad.

In this sense, the market needs to be guided by quality. Together with THE LED, lighting products have become easier to manufacture. From this point of view, disposable products will not be missing from the market when the control mechanisms are not in operation.

I think that competition is the biggest factor in the development of companies in their continuous renewal. How can a company that is struggling to compete domestically compete in any country in the world. The important thing is to create a fair competitive environment and to prevent unfair competition.

The group's main business is textiles. How did you choose to invest in the lighting industry?
The lighting sector is a rapidly growing sector not only in Turkey but all over the world. The most important reason for this is that the issue of energy saving is on the agenda and the technological development in LED technologies. Rapid change in technology and production techniques lead to lower unit costs.

The rapid development of LED technologies in the lighting sector affects all markets and Turkey is very affected. In recent years, especially with the introduction of electronics-based manufacturers into the sector, the dynamics and actors of the sector began to change rapidly.

In addition, almost all new projects are implemented with LED products and energy-efficient products. The Ministry of Energy is taking steps to implement serious projects in this regard. Interest in energy conservation in public and local governments is increasing day by day.

All these developments have contributed to our decision to invest in this sector in the lighting sector with the prediction that the need for technological lighting products will increase.

Finally, what would you like to say to your partners and users? We trust ourselves and our products. We stand by what we produce. We always strive to be a brand where quality is reflected in production. When you visit the machines and production line we buy, you will see that the high quality product comes out of the tape. When the market conditions stabilize, I hope they will enjoy doing business with a domestic manufacturer. Our advice to the end consumer is to research, compare and trust domestic producers.

As Lighting Technical Journal, I would also like to thank you for your support to domestic manufacturers. As long as we trust each other, I think the future of the lighting industry is bright.

: http://www.oxiron.com.tr/


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