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We talked about the products and sector they produced with Deniz YİĞİt, Sales Manager of Ortaç, which was founded by Mehmet Ortaç in 1969, managed to be among the best in the sector especially in the production of metal and plastic cable rakorus and exported the products it produced to more than 40 countries of the world.

When and how did your company start its commercial activities? What would you like to say about your activity subject?
Our company was founded in 1969 by the late Mehmet Ortaç, one of the first industrial injection machine molds manufacturers in Turkey. Today, Ortaç produces plastic, metal cable glands spiral pipes and accessories for different industrial and markets and produces products and services for mechanical, system engineering, automotive industry, rail systems, electrical and plumbing engineering, hazardous areas, lighting industry and more. All Ortaç products are designed, molded and manufactured in the company's own production facilities in Istanbul.

What kind of products are in your product range and where are these products used mostly.
Products we produce with Ortac brand; Polyamide cable glands in dimensions m63-pg48 from m12-pg7 with IP68 protection class, brass-stainless cable glands up to m6-pg7 m110–pg48, exproof atex certified armored armorless cable glands and accessories, socket socket sockets and 12 sockets and 12 sockets with 1, 2, 3 and 12, ventilated moisture plugs and rackets that we launched after 2 years of R&D work for lighting and electronic device manufacturers in Turkey with our patented ORVENT Ortaç brand, We also produce polyamide and galvanized steel spiral pipes and glands as well as customer-oriented injection molds. Our products are mainly lighting manufacturers; Power plants, automation, machinery industry, ship industry, defense industry, rail systems, electrical panel manufacturers and wherever cable is used, it is used for the protection and termination of the cable' transportation.

What would you like to say about your production facilities and employees?
Our factory, located in Arnavutköy, Istanbul, has a total closed area of approximately 12,000 square meters. To mention the machines used in production; In our injection department, we have a state-of-the-art machine track upright and horizontally. Our grove section; Polyamide-pvc, polpropopylene spiral pipe, Pvc coated-thermoplastic tpv coating galvanized spiral pipes, heavy duty galvanized pipes etc. are used in the section where the state-of-the-art machines are produced. In our machining department, we produce our stainless, princh products with our single shaft to six milliths machines. The machine track of our molding department is much wider, where we have about 50 different machines. Since we produce our own molds, we can constantly turn to new products, which reveals the need to constantly update our production line. We have recently carried out capacity increases of our injection and grove departments. We have a total of 110 employees. We are organized to produce 24/7. We continue to work tirelessly to respond to requests from domestic and abroad. A total of eight of our engineering colleagues are involved in the production. They're friends from different disciplines because we work with different sectors. These friends come from different fields such as Chemistry, Machinery, Electrical, Industrial, Industrial Design Engineering. We continue to work on R&D and R&D studies with our own team. We have a regional marketing and sales team of 14 people. Our marketing strategy is customer-oriented sales, pre-sales and after-sales technical support, field problem solving with instant customer contact and maximum customer satisfaction

Does your company budget for R&D and R&D studies? What is your R&D studies?
Our company devotes 5% of its annual turnover to R&D and R&D studies. We currently have 2 new projects planned.

How do you define innovation? Can we find out how your company works in this regard?
We are conscious of reintegrating innovation, changing it or creating more efficient processes, products or ways, and focusing our efforts on producing new-minded products that will benefit users and supporting our economy.
Our company has produced orvent pressure balancing vented cable glands and plugs for lighting and solar system customers. In the products produced by our customers who use orvent, the negative effects that may occur due to the humidity in the environment are minimized or even completely neutralized. It is water and dust proof and balances the pressure generated in the fixture case with the air it passes, extends the life of the fixture and offers an easy, practical and economical solution.

Do you have any exports? Which countries, if any, do you mainly go to?
Our company exports to more than 40 countries of the world. Among the main countries we export to; Germany, Spain, England, France-Poland, Italy, Croatia, the Netherlands, America, Canada and brazil.

What would you like to say about your company's short and long-term goals?
Our company, which continues to focus on automation-heavy production by continuously improving production technologies in its modern production facility, aims to become the leading brand of our country in the electricity sector within 5 years and to be a company that has a say in the world in line with its short, medium and long-term goals with its quality-oriented management approach in the production of cable glands, vented cable glands and plugs, polyamide & metal spiral pipes and glands.

Can you tell us about your company's quality policy?
All business processes from design to marketing are carried out under iso 9001 quality management system assurance and all products are produced in accordance with relevant TSE and international standards, after testing and quality checks are carried out, after-sales services and customer satisfaction are always prioritized. All our products are produced according to international DIN norms with primers as soon as dental checks pass.

We have certified our products with TSE – VDE – UL – UR – CSA – GOST – R – ATEX – ECR – 118 – ROSH – RICH certificates.

As someone who knows your industry well, what would you like to tell us about the development of your industry? Can we find out where our country is located in the world market regarding your sector?
Especially the Turkish lighting sector has grown with incredible momentum in the last 19 years and although this growth has decreased slightly, it is still continuing. In the 2000s, the number of domestic producers in our country was at levels that could be counted with the fingers of both hands, while today the number of producers who can export is over 50.. Some foreign companies have investments in terms of production in our country, some companies partner with Turkish lighting manufacturers; Our producers make branded productions for foreign companies… In other words, the Turkish lighting industry is opening up to the world. Our domestic producers increase R&D and R&D investments day by day. This increase allows us to have a say in the global market. As Ortaç, we continue our efforts to take our sector forward with our R&D studies for the Turkish lighting sector.

Finally, can we find out what are the problems you have with your own sector and what are your suggestions for solving these problems?
Especially in the electricity sector, there are two elements that we have difficulty solving.

The first is the product with poor cheap quality;
In the industry, in the market, we can see that products are sold at a cheaper cost by playing with the quality of products in different environments and shapes. Unfortunately, these things only benefit those who do it temporarily, we do not realize that they are causing serious damage to the industry and the market. If we want to move the sector, our country, our company further than where we are today, we must never give up quality. We should always aim higher than standards.

The second is the use of products from China in our sector;
We subject our products to tests such as cable pulling test, cable tightening test, sprain test, IP test, aging test, air permeability test, moisture test, etc. When we tested the products from China that we encountered in the market, we found that it did not give the data it was supposed to give. We found low IP and air permeability in raw material, dental norm, tölerance intervals, cable tightening feature, ventil products. In this regard, we want our domestic producers to support the continuity of the products they supply, domestic products that will add value to their devices, where there is an inquisitive quality system.


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