We continue to be the Communication and Promotion Point of the Lighting Sector.


We continue our promotional efforts by growing day by day.We carefully made the printing and distribution of the included in the pandemic process without interruption.On the digital side, we have become a brand with strong infrastructure and awareness. Because we've seen the value of many years of planned work, we've
always set our end as abroad. First, we targeted the Electricity and Lighting fairs held around the world. We participated in hundreds of international fairs to become the promotional power of the Electricity and Lighting sector. We did what no broadcaster from our country has ever done. We've worked and spent. We have opened booths to promote our companies in hundreds of Electrical and Lighting fairs from Africa to the Americas.
We just wanted to show the production power of Turkish companies and create perceptions.It's very difficult to be a producing country and to explain it, and we've done it.
With the pandemic, supply chains are changing.
With travel bans, processes have changed. Bridges formed in the past were reflected in the future. Not every door is open to everyone anymore. With known brands, those who have experience abroad in the past win. As the lighting technical magazine, we've had our share of this. We have many overseas partners.
We started working long term and today we see the value of this on both our printed and digital pages. Our logos are returning at many global fairs. We partnered
with local media in foreign countries. To get our companies to one more person; We sent thousands of our magazines to countries months in advance, sometimes by plane cargo, sometimes by ship, sometimes by truck. We publish in two languages so that everyone can read and follow.
We will continue to be on the field stronger in 2021 without desk publishing.Thank you to everyone who contributed and supported the growth of our magazine.


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