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In this issue, we are the participants of Istanbulight fair Ekeler Internal and Dis. We discussed the company's objectives in the Turkish market with Hasan Sen, Technical Officer and General Coordinator of Tic. company.

Can you tell us about OctaLight?

OctaLight was established in Bulgaria in 2010 as a research and production center for Light Emitter Diodes (LEDs). During this time, it gained a place in the European market as one of the fastest growing enterprises in the opto-electronic and lighting industry within its borders. Today Octa Light Bulgaria is a manufacturer of fully vertically integrated LED packages, LED modules, LED lamps, LED illuminators. The company also offers different lighting projects, complementary complete lighting solutions with its own series of LED fixtures. Beyond that, Octa Light offers electronic manufacturing services (EÜH) such as various industrial electrical and electronic equipment, consumer home electronics, communication equipment, etc. in its main business line.

Octa Light continued to grow more modernly in 2016, having the most advanced production facilities. The main plant area is 11,500 m2 and the total factory area is 20,000 m. Everything from Light Emitter Diodes to ready-made LED products, LED fixtures and LED lamps are produced under one roof on site. The factory is 25 miles from the country's capital Sofia and the main transport routes to Europe and the Middle East.

Octa Light , State-of-the-art technological equipment, Flexibility in production and delivery times, personalized product Solutions, reliable quality in EU standards at competitive prices, Fast delivery times and easy on-site control advantages due to the fact that production is located in the EU.

Can you tell us about the process of meeting Octa Light?

In November last year, Mr. Ali and I visited OctaLight in Bulgaria. It produces lighting products that are completely finished together with the card and chip. We were particularly interested in chip manufacturing facilities. The reason is that there is no production facility in such a closed environment in our country. The Bulgarian company has offered us a 50 percent partnership.We are trying to build an infrastructure in Turkey by 2020. We are trying to convince the Bulgarians of this. Right now, they have reservations about the economic conditions of our country.We are confident that the necessary conditions will be formed by 2020.

What kind of structure are you in as a company?

As a company, we have a ready customer group. Since we are currently a company that provides product supply for the textile sector, we first identified textile facilities as the target customer group in Lighting. To make lighting projects to textile production facilities using this potential. After completing our necessary paperwork infrastructure until the 6th month of 2018, we have sold 30,000 Led fluorescent fixtures to textile facilities so far by submitting our offers from the 6th month. In particular, we have transformed lighting into textile integrated facilities. We are moving quickly towards our goals by dividing our country into three regions.

The OCTALED T8 and T5 tubes we currently sell are the best choice for both retail and industrial lighting solutions. The effectiveness of LED tubes is excellent and has a long service life. Fluorines with aluminum body Led are 600/1200/1500 in size and have a range of 8 to 30 watts and have a usage time of 50,000 hours thanks to magnetic ballast fixtures and tubes suitable for use by Electronic Control Equipped fixtures.

Our main goal here is actually to introduce the OCTALED brand. With this, in line with the infrastructure of our roza company, which is already in our country, it is to sell our products with the stamp of Made in Turkey in domestic and international markets. Our primary goal is to implement a chip manufacturing facility here.

What is your main goal at Istanbul Light Fair?

The reason we attended the Istanbul light fair is to introduce the OCTALED chip to the Turkish lighting industry. It is to increase the awareness of this product in the market. This product will form the backbone of our fee in the future. To create the basis for the production of an externally dependent product in the lighting industry.

Will you bring your products to market as a company? Or will you proceed on a project-based basis?

It is the quality that makes brands brand and the advantages that that product gives you. You guys need to tell me this very well. Unfortunately, we do not know the terms of lighting in our country and the advantages it provides. What is Watt? What is Lumen? We don't know what the light value is. It is very difficult to sell quality products to a society that does not know. It is also difficult to buy the product, especially if it is not branded. In a price-based market, your motivation can deteriorate quickly. We are a company with documents that comply with EU standards. The price of a European company is always expensive compared to the products of the Far Eastern company. There are no companies that sell serious lighting in our country. For this there are offices that sell and design European lighting. It's just starting to form in us. That's what we want to walk with them.

Currently, there is a significant energy consumption in the production facilities in our country. They are convinced when we explain the test and light values of the products we have, which will save them 60 percent energy. The products they're using right now are just burning. We see and show that it does not contribute to the name of lighting. We see them shifting color and yellowing lights. Especially when I examined public buildings, I came across a lighting fiasco. Especially public procurements need to undergo technological training. I saw a big waste and a lighting dump. As someone who has been abroad for many years, I am very saddened by this.

Can you evaluate the lighting sector of our country?

The Turkish lighting industry operates on a price basis through Far Eastern products. In our country, it is imperative that electrical products are inspected and brought to a standard. We have been hearing that serious measures have been taken in this regard recently. Because there are no conscious customers in our country. That's a big weakness. Our people unknowingly want 7000K-6000K products. At home, he uses 4000K. However, if we knew the light values, we could distinguish the product. In Europe, people attach great importance to lighting. Because he yearns for white light. We're in such a state that he's using 3,000K in the offices, and the guys are asleep. We don't know the light. We tell the light first. As a company, it is to provide good lighting to people and to carry this quality to our country.

Especially through you, we welcome visitors to the fair to our stand. They will have visited the stand of a really high quality company. They'll hear more than they want from us.


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