We are a company that works not with change, but with anticipation of change


In this issue, we visited Group Image Lighting, one of the most important manufacturers of the Turkish lighting industry. We talked to Pelin Grit Sarı, Group Image Lighting Marketing Director, about their work and the developments in the sector before the Istanbul Light fair.

How was 2018 for your company?

In recent years, we can say that the perspective on lighting in our country has changed in a serious and positive way. As a company, we are not trying to be with change, but as a company that anticipates and leads to change. This year, we stuck to this principle and performed well. We can say that Istanbul New Airport is a year in which we show how much our facilities and capabilities are by offering more than expected solutions in prestigious projects such as tunnels, environmental lighting, outdoor parking, roads and viaducts. The concept of lighting has now acquired a formation that requires interdisciplinary collaborations. As the biggest catalyst for this, we can say the concepts we hear in many areas these days, such as IoT, automation. We can say that these will be decisive compass terms for our future expectations and objectives.

What products did you come to the forefront with in 2018? Are there any new products you've developed?

First of all, I should proudly state that we are one of the biggest solution partners of Istanbul New Airport, which will be one of the largest airports in the world and is the largest LED project in Turkey.The environmental lighting, outdoor car park, road, tunnel and viaducts of the project will be illuminated by our company. As a team for this project, we have designed many products and made improvements to our existing products. However, we exhibited our smart pole at the L&B fair. After this fair, we carried out pilot projects related to our smart pole in one or two regions.

Which products will you be at the forefront of Istanbul Light 2018 Fair?

IstanbulLight fair is of great importance because it is the only fair of the lighting industry. We believe that it is important to take part in this fair for the future of both the sector and the companies.Although it is a short time between Light & Builging fair and Istanbul Light fair, which is one of the biggest fairs in the sector, my colleagues will exhibit 3 new products in this fair. I thank them again for that. Turtle, our new product that will be used in istanbul New Airport environmental lighting, outdoor car parking, roads and viaducts, Hawk, which has also been used in Istanbul New Airport tunnel lighting, shark product designed for TEDAS, we will exhibit our smart pole, Wallwasher and Tiger series products, which are under development from L&B fair. Our booth is on the 10th. Hall is B120. We will be pleased to welcome all our industry stakeholders.

How was the currency fluctuation reflected in the lighting sector in 2018? What are your observations on this subject? What are your expectations and objectives for the upcoming period as a company?

As a country and an industry, we are undoubtedly going through difficult times. It is very important to be ready for difficult times, to make the right moves during these periods, to move quickly and to make decisions. Currency fluctuation is an opportunity especially for our companies that maintain assets abroad due to their fixed items. From an export point of view, we have a price advantage of 15% especially for Europe and the Americas. This period is an important opportunity for the expansion of abroad. At this point, we aim to maintain a presence by consolidating our overseas organizations in the future.




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