Wallwasher LED Fixtures > Wall-E XL


AIMTECH Technology was founded with the aim of becoming a world brand that is modeled on electronic design and LED Technologies with its original designs and is known and sought after in the sector with its innovative approaches.

Wallwasher are LED fixtures used to illuminate and change the color of the interior or exterior of buildings, bridges, skyscrapers, museums and historical buildings.
Our wallwasher fixtures, which are produced with different power and lens options according to the application area, can be applied comfortably to all kinds of facades and surfaces with special mounting and foot systems.

Our uncontrolled fixtures work with the internal power unit without the need for an external panel. Our fixtures controlled by DMX512 can also be controlled via the DMX512 system with power and control units placed in the fixture case without the need for external panels. Only energy and data wiring controlled system solutions are offered in challenging and uninsionable areas.

Our fixtures have a mechanical body suitable for ip67 dust and water protection class and are manufactured with UV-resistant materials.

The lens is an optical material that concentrated the light energy emitted from the light source into a specific region. Lenses that find a lot of space in general lighting applications help to adjust the radiation zone and the way light is emitted. In decorative lighting applications, lens selection is made depending on the area to be illuminated and the length of that area.
Our Wallwasher fixtures are produced with different lens options according to the application area and the surface to be illuminated.


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