Lighting Sector Information Meeting was held with heavy participation.


Lighting Sector Product Safety and Inspection Information Meeting organized by the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of AGID and Ministry of Industrial Technology was held with heavy participation in İsO odakule.

Lighting industry representatives and affiliated business representatives attended the meeting organized by the Lighting Equipment Manufacturers Association and the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Science, Industry and Technology.

Agİd Chairman and ISO Councillor Fahir GÖK, STB General Manager of Industrial Product Safety and Inspection Mehmet BOZDemİr and Industry and Technology Istanbul Provincial Manager Umit ÜNAL attended the meeting.

In the opening speeches of the meeting, the effects of product safety and poor quality lighting products on our economy were expressed in the competition on domestic producers. Then, STB SÜGDGM Department Head on Market Supervision and Supervision Activities in the Field of Lighting, Industrial Product Safety Legislation, Energy Efficiency Practices, LVD and EMC Directives. M. Hürol METE, STB SÜGDGM Specialist Melik H. BEARERS and STB SÜGDGM, Expert Ugur BULUT made a presentation.

In the second session, STB General Directorate of Industry and Productivity Specialist Volkan ŞŞEK, TSE Import Group President Ayfer SAK, TSE Electrotechnical Laboratory Gebze Director Dr. G. Kaan ESEN, TSE Lighting and EMC Technical Officer Y. Engineer Gülşah GÖKER TATLI and Expert Mete KOYUNCU from KOSGEB Istanbul Golden Horn Directorate made presentations at the meeting.


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