After importing from China for nearly 20 years, Kendal INC. started to produce the products it imported in its 22,000m2 factory in Silivri, Istanbul. We discussed new investments and products with Faruk ECE, Board Member and Company Partner.

In short, who is Faruk Ece? When did you enter the industry?

Since 1984, I have started to work in the Electrical and Lighting sector. After serving the sector as the marketing manager of an important brand, I joined our company now. As a member of Kendal Electric Lighting Board of Directors and a company partner, we carry out our activities together with Mr. Kendal.

Can you tell us about the establishment of Kendal Electric Lighting and the point it has reached today?

Kendal Electric lighting started to take part in the sector in the early 2000s by importing. We imported electrical and lighting products from China. We have brought our products from China to our country for many years. We had our own manufacturing facility in China. We have continuously contributed to the sector by closely following the developments in this country. We decided to bring our knowledge and experience to our country. As of 2018, we have decided to invest in production. We are currently producing domestically in our facility with an area of 22,000 m2 in Silivri, Istanbul.

What was the biggest factor in your decision to produce in our country?

As a company, we have had important knowledge and skills at the point of production in China for many years. Relying on this knowledge, we made our decision to invest in our Chinese partner after sharing our thoughts and expressing that they can support us. In 2018, we bought the factory building in Silivri and started to produce with the necessary machinery investment. We think that this investment will serve as an example for our country's lighting sector. With the proliferation of companies like us that will invest, our sub-industry will be strengthened. This will allow us to become more competitive. We transfer our experiences gained in China to our country for production.

What is the capacity and investment value of the facility at this time? What product groups are you focused on?

In order to give a full figure on the investment value of our factory, our investments to be added to the existing machinery track need to be finished. We are currently working at full capacity for LED Bulb production. We will have reached an annual production capacity of over 100 million LED Bulbs. We are already producing for important brands. In addition, the production and sale of our LED Bulb products, which hold a lot in the market with our K2 brand, continues. We carry out our production in three shifts without interruption.

Why did you enter led bulb production?

First of all, there was no production facility in this sense in our country. In the finished product, the Ministry of Industry and Trade introduced some criteria. Taxes have been increased on many documents and finished products. In addition, there was a gap in the market in this direction in our country. Considering our annual bulb consumption, I don't think that three or five companies that produce like us will respond to this demand. You have to have new firms in this regard. In addition, with the LED, the production of bulbs has become even easier.

Can you tell us about the production team at Kendal Lighting?

There is a group of engineers in our company who are constantly researching and developing. Our R&D unit is doing important work on the production of new products. A few foreign engineers are also on the team. We have made significant investments in R&D. We have made our understanding of quality a company philosophy. We have a staff with knowledge of electricity and lighting production and sales that has been in the sector for many years. This knowledge and experience gives us great advantages.

Kendal Lighting is involved in important events abroad such as Frankfurt Light + building fair? What are your overseas studies and export rates?

Yes, we are a company that manufactures domestically and sells its products to overseas markets. We have reached a significant proportion abroad. While 50 percent are in the domestic market, 50 percent of our products are exported abroad. Especially fairs provide great convenience in reaching the market customer. Our domestic distribution network is very strong. Since the day we were founded, we have attached great importance to brand promotion. Therefore, we continue our work in this direction abroad. We tell our foreign guests who will come to Frankfurt fair about our production power and the logistical advantages we provide. We work with many European companies at the point of production. We supply and manufacture products to the world's largest brands. We're confident.

What kind of process do you have with foreign lighting companies?

The sale of Kendal Electricity and Lighting products to Middle Eastern and African countries, especially countries in the region, continues. Sometimes you can compete with big brands. After a while, these brands follow you and knock on your door. You need to meet some criteria as a company. In a sense, they're testing you. If they find it successful, they sit down with you for production. European companies that are currently visiting this resort are fascinated. Providing every criterion they want gives you confidence. This registers your quality.

What are the next plans of Kendal Lighting?

As a company, it is very important to produce in your own country. It makes you happy in what you do. You create added value to your country. We advise every importing company to do so. You cannot succeed as a country unless you move to domestic and national production. It is definitely worth producing a little bit. In the coming days, we will start production of RUSTIC LED BULBS. Now our machines are here.In 2020, we will start the production of products in this segment. Our investments will continue nonstop at the point of production of the products we import the most in our country.

Finally, what would you recommend to the seller and buyer?

They should pay attention to the quality when buying lighting products. They should read the values written outside the products and compare them with expensive products in price. Let them buy domestic products. Our companies that sell lighting products should pay close attention when choosing products. Let them see what the true value of the products they sell is. Don't let them give their customers bad products We don't have a complete knowledge of lighting at the moment. However, we spend a long part of our lives with lighting products. Even in sleep, we do not know the damage caused to us by the lighting products we use at the bedside of our beds. At the moment, our government is carrying out serious inspections at this point. Some criteria will also pave the way for domestic production. For this purpose, it is absolutely necessary to provide the necessary support to new producers. When we look at it, at the last point, they need to buy products from companies whose job is lighting. In addition, it would be more accurate for companies that know lighting to take part in the sector.

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