Dogus Construction, which is among the leading companies in the world with its infrastructure and superstructure projects in the construction and contracting sector, is under signing another major project. The construction of the bridge, which is one of the important projects of Ukraine and will be built in the city of Kremençuk, will be carried out by Dogus Construction. With the road bridge project, which is about 1.6 km long, an oblique suspension bridge and approach viaducts will be introduced to the Kremençuk Region at an open distance of 720 meters. The new Kremençuk Bridge is the first of its generation in Ukraine. Dynaper Railway and Highway Bridge is the fourth largest project after its work on Borispol International Airport, Zaporizhzhya Leftbank Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Dogus Construction, which is among the world's leading construction companies with its important national and international projects, is signing another important project abroad. Dogus Construction, which has implemented mega projects in The Middle East, North Africa, Eastern Europe and Gulf countries as well as Turkey, was the winner of the tender for "Kremençuk Bridge", which is one of the biggest projects in Ukraine.

Within the scope of the "Great Construction of Ukraine" program, the Kremençuk Bridge, which was tendered by Ukrainian Highways, was built by Dogus Construction; Dynaper Railway and Highway Bridge will be the 4th major project to be carried out in Ukraine following its work on Borispol International Airport, Zaporizhzhya Leftbank Wastewater Treatment Plant. The new Kremençuk Bridge will be built on the Dnipro river, which runs through Kremençuk, Ukraine, near the Historic Kremençuk Bridge, which provides the only road and rail river crossing in the region. To date, Dogus Construction has carried out the construction of a railway and road bridge with 6 road lanes and 2 railway lines, as well as the construction of 13 to 17 piers and the upper structures of these piers. Dnieper The construction of the Railway and Highway Bridge was the largest project carried out by a Turkish contracting company in Ukraine until 2007. Borispol International In addition to the architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical works of Terminal D, the airport project also included drainage facilities and apron improvement in the terminal, construction works, holding pool, landscaping and passageways. Zaporizhzhya In the Leftbank Wastewater Treatment Plant project, the current biological wastewater treatment plant capacity with a daily wastewater treatment capacity of 200,000 m³ was increased to 280,000 m³ per day.

Dogus Construction and Trade Inc. pointed out that they have implemented more than 250 infrastructure and superstructure projects with a total value exceeding $28.2 billion in the construction and contracting sector. Chairman of the Board of Directors Hosni Akhan said, "We are proud to undertake another of ukraine's biggest projects as Dogus Construction. We contribute to economic, cultural, social and environmental development, transform and develop the region in every project we undertake and in every region we go to. This will be the fourth major project we will implement in Ukraine. Our adventure, which started in 1951 with the construction sector and the major infrastructure and superstructure projects we carried out in Turkey and in different parts of the world, continues unabated. Dogus Construction, the locomotive of our group that attaches importance to sustainable growth and continuous development, will continue to build works that serve humanity and modern life by combining its experiences based on modern working methods with high technology."


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