TWIN LIGHTING Acoustic Lighting Series "REST"


Twin LIGHTING, which has been producing factories over 15,000 m2 in Istanbul and Sakarya since 1982, continues to be the solution partner of many brand projects realized at home and abroad by designing economical LED products by focusing on R&D studies.

A member of the Still series, rest SQ-REST R, 'Hybrid' acoustic lighting unit focuses on light and acoustic problems experienced in today's open office spaces in one product. Thanks to the integration of acoustic panels into the lighting unit, it is a product that, besides efficient light, increases noise management and concentration and takes care of the emotional and physical health of the user. REST offers architects and interior designers the opportunity to solve this mess in both a practical and aesthetic way with a single product.



  • Non-woven industrial seal made from recycled PET waste fibers without the use of chemical adapters
  • It is manufactured using recycled (PET) waste and 100% polyester fibers. (ISO 1833)
  • High Acoustic performance up to class A (EN-11654)
  • Power ignites during fire (No Flames) (EN-13501) Fire response class B,s1,d0
  • It does not contain formaldehyde and there is no release of chemical toxic gases.


  • Low VOC (ISO-14184
  • 99.9% anti-bacterial structure (ISO-20743)
  • Long-lasting, shock, moisture and moisture resistant


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