WHAT WAS DISCUSSED IN THE PANEL "Qualified Lighting in Turkey"?


The 12th edition, which took place on 18-19 September 2019, was held on 18-19 September 2019. The panel, which was held at the last session of the National Lighting Congress, aimed to create a general view on the main theme of the congress this year, "Qualified Lighting in Turkey". ATMK Chairman Prof. Dr. Sermin Onaygil moderated the panel with Industrial Product Designer Aysun Altinğ, ITUNOVA General Manager Dr. Ercan Çitil, Electrical Engineer Sabri Sabah and Lighting Designer Y. Architect Nergiz Arifoglu took part as a panelist.

  1. The following opinions are expressed under the heading "Education and Human Resources".

The importance of engineering, architecture, interior architecture, industrial product design and related technical education was emphasized by focusing on the fact that lighting is a multidisciplinary field. It was stated that there are differences between institutions in the transfer of information about lighting in the training programs of these professions, and it was underlined that it is important which courses the employees have taken in which educational institution. It is stated that the technical knowledge that can take part in R&D studies should be trained to be able to assemble on the construction site and read the project.

  1. Product design and project design are discussed in the area of "Qualified Design".

The importance of the place where the product will be used in the design phase is stated by focusing on the necessity of considering mechanical, thermal, optical and electronic dimensions in the product design. In lighting device design, the relevant standards have been raised by drawing attention to the optimal integration of technique and aesthetics. It was stated that manufacturers should carry out the necessary tests before launching their products, and the importance of R&D studies was emphasized by focusing on KOSGEB and TUBITAK supports.

By mentioning the importance of dialogue between the employer and the design office in project design; it is stated that the design should be made in accordance with the standards, technical requirements and lighting technique for qualified design. The importance of TS 17165 is mentioned in the technical specification draft lighting design. It was stated that the service provided in lighting design was two stages: design, projecting and preparing specifications stating detailed technical characteristics, professional consultancy and control, and the necessity of an effective and competent team in carrying out the application was emphasized.

  1. Panelists on "World Class Production" emphasized the importance of cooperation between the designer and the manufacturer in the production process and conveyed their views on the realization of technological, domestic and national production that will contribute to our country.

Ministry of Industry and Technology 2023 targets were noted and the currentity of smart city and building technology and automation systems was emphasized. It was stated that the manufacturers should pay attention to the issue of catalog preparation and that the catalogs should contain the correct technical data, and for this, the importance of accredited laboratories was mentioned.

  1. Under the heading "Sales and Consumer Awareness", the importance of preparing product catalogs in a way that raises consumer awareness is noted and the necessity of laboratory measurements is stated in this context.

The benefits of working together in catalog preparation, advertising and marketing activities of the designer and the manufacturer were emphasized. The importance of informing the sales personnel is stated. The positive contribution of national and international competitions in terms of marketing and sales was mentioned.



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