"Turkey's Lighting Will Illuminate the World!"


Agİd President Fahir Gok; "Turkey's Lighting Will Illuminate the World!




Agİd Traditional Dinner organized annually by the Lighting Equipment Manufacturers Association took place on January 14, 2020 at CVK Park Bosphorus Hotel, Istanbul. About 200 people attended the dinner, which brought together members of the association as well as stakeholder institutions, media representatives and official guests.

Mr. Mr. Who provided information about his activities last term on behalf of the Board of Directors. Fahir Gök, 23 years ago, we set out with the goal of 100 members, all of whom export. He stated that they continued with the excitement of reaching 100 members this year and the fact that each of our members exported small or large, and gained strength with the participation of new members every year.

Mr. Mentioned that the mission of contributing to the sector has been carried out under many different topics from import controls, energy labeling to export supports. Gök mentioned that they pay special attention to product safety.Within the scope of the Communiqué on The Promotion of International Competitiveness (UR-GE), The Istanbul Chamber of Industry and AGİd, in cooperation with the Association of Lighting Equipment Manufacturers, shared information from the "Lighting Equipment Sector UR-GE Project" studies. Fahir Gök stated that this project plays an important role in the growth of export figures on behalf of the sector.



The main surprise of the night was the Turkish Lighting Center, which was planned for 2023. Fahir Gök, who gave information about the beginnings and details of the project, which was welcomed with interest by the participants;

As AGİd, we continue our way with one of our biggest projects after many activities.We will bring an international value to our country and our sector by launching the Lighting Center, which will consist of 4 different sections in an area of approximately 2000 square meters, worthy of the 100th year of our Republic.


While the "Lighting Center" is a single and common center for all of us, within our center;

  • A laboratory providing international certification services,
  • R&D center that supports product and project design,
  • Meeting and training platform where all stakeholders will come together and share information on different topics,
  • There will be a lighting industry waste management facility.

Turkey's lighting will illuminate the world! Let's all unite in this project and take our value even higher. Said.



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