The Future of The Turkish Lighting Industry will take shape at IstanbulLight 2018


IstanbulLight 11, organized by UBM Turkey in partnership with AGİd and ATMK. At the International Lighting and Electrical Materials Fair and Congress, the growing market met with the changing sector.

IstanbulLight 11, organized by UBM Turkey in partnership with the Association of Lighting Equipment Manufacturers (AGİd) and the Turkish National Committee for Lighting (ATMK). International Lighting and Electrical Materials Fair and Congress opened its doors to its visitors with the wide participation of industry representatives. The event, which opened with the views of the transformation of the sector and the rapid adaptation to this transformation, started with the emphasis on intra-sector synergy.

"Lighting automation came to our phones from sci-fi movies"

UBM Turkey IstanbulLight Brand Director Mehmet Shopci, who gave the opening speech of the event, pointed out that the sector is undergoing significant change. Noting that lighting automation applications have come out of sci-fi movies and entered our mobile phones and tablets, Shopci continued his remarks as follows.

"There is a transformation both globally and in Turkey where technology is at the forefront. In this change, we see that while the long-established and large companies of the sector lose market share, new players are replaced. This situation creates the need to express themselves more strongly, both in the old and in the new. IstanbulLight helps meet these requirements.

"We aim to create value-added development"

UBM Turkey General Manager Atilla Marangozoglu emphasized the importance of creating added value in his speech. Stating that they fulfilled their mission of becoming an international fair with the participation of CIS countries and East African countries, Marangozoglu stated that this year's event will provide a different experience with istanbullight lighting forum, istanbullight lighting design summit and trade stage events.

"We keep our excitement and dreams alive"

Fahir Gök, president of the Lighting Equipment Manufacturers Association (AGİd), one of the strategic partners of IstanbulLight Fair, noted the movement in the global market. Stating that there has been a rapid change in technology, Gök pointed out that there are companies that cannot keep up with this pace both in the global market and in Turkey. However, agİd President Fahir Gök stated that they remain excited and dreamed of making Turkey a production and logistics base in the lighting sector, and underlined that they will continue their journey in the medium term by overcoming uncertainties in the sector and economy.

"Smart lighting market will grow threefold in 2023"

IstanbulLight Fair strategic partners Lighting Turkish National Committee (ATMK) Chairman Prof. Dr. Sermin Onaygil noted that the sector has new subheadings with the developing technology. Onaygil stated that LED technology products, which have been in our lives for 10 years, are now integrated into smart systems and technological products.

"LED products are getting smarter. The smart lighting market will grow significantly by threefold by 2023, according to research. As an industry, we have to adapt to this situation together and act together. The change and increased competition brought on by technology makes us dependent on the outside in production. We can overcome this situation by producing domestic, high quality and high value-added products. For the sale and marketing of the products we produce, we need proper regulations, standards and projects." The agenda of the sector will be discussed with the masters

IstanbulLight Fair brought together its participants and visitors with event programs covering all developments in the sector.

Fair, which gives different perspectives to industry professionals with its new approach; IstanbulLight Lighting Forum hosts three separate events: IstanbulLight Lighting Design Summit and Trade Stage. In addition to Turkey, the organization opened its doors to more than 8,000 industry professionals from the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, the Balkans and CIS countries, and included 224 national and international participating companies.



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