"Turkey's Lighting Factory"


In this issue, we evaluated the brand’s view of the sector with Ibrahim Kurtulan, Export Sales Manager of Metsan Lighing company.

Briefly for Metsan Lighting; We can say “Turkey’s Lighting Factory”. Because I don’t know if I First of all; “We really love our job.”

Metsan Lighing Export Sales Manager Ibrahim Kurtulan

Maybe that’s the only reason we’re successful. Because we know that if you don’t, you’re going however, when you love a job, you work to further develop yourself in that field and be more successful.

Everyone involved in the Metsan Lighting team is also doing their job with pleasure and striving to develop in their field.

“We always turn our faces out.” Innovation happens by exploring more markets more efficiently and in detail.

We continue our R&D not only within our country but also in foreign markets.

“We’re not making excuses, we’re making solutions.” We know very well that what we’re trying to do is more than anticipated.

How do you think the Lighting Sector in Turkey is progressing?

First of all, it is necessary to know what is lighting, what are the duties of the lighting fixture. Whether it’s negotiating for stronger light or more economic light. In our country, my 2nd answer outweighs. I certainly don’t mind.

That’s how it happened, and that’s how it goes. We offer our commercial product to all segments with our quality with our “Innovative Lighting Factory” motto. But as one of my esteemed teachers once said, sometimes they bring the light from the lighted market sign to the market as lighting.

This lighting business requires physical engineering and a quality vision. Our company is among the pioneers who carry this quality and engineering flag in our country and hopefully this will continue. As long as we continue to illuminate well, our sector will become better quality and more efficient.

What are our pros and cons compared to Turkey and abroad in lighting?

If we compare it to Dubai, it’s different compared to England, it’s different compared to Uruguay. We have a very geopolitically productive position. That’s our biggest leftover. In our biggest minus, we can’t train enough Lighting Architects, Lighting Designers. In this regard, our associations should create overseas programs through state channels and universities. The more lighting architects and designers we produce, the more we can place quality Turkish lighting products in projects that occur around the world.

What is the point of the product diversity of Metsan Lighting from yesterday to today?

It has been 38 years since Sebaattin Kurtulan moved from the 12*50 Halogen spotlight mold to the family groups Moduline, Reflecto, Rome and London. We currently serve our partners with more than 400 product models through our website.

We have many product categories as professional interior lighting, technical and exterior lighting.


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