The first DALI compatible LED Driver in Turkey!


Since 2004, Altez Elektronik has gained an important place in turkey with its new products for the production of emergency lighting and routing fixtures, emergency lighting kits, quality and need. It has continuously increased its production capacity with the frequency of use in projects. Altez Elektronik, which directs its experience to different fields, has produced the first DALI compatible LED driver in Turkey with the support of TUBITAK, one of the important state institutions of its country.

TUBITAK is the most important institution in Turkey that provides support and mentoring in scientific and technical research. TUBITAK, which prioritizes original products while supporting innovative products, only supported Altez Elektronik in terms of driver.

Altez Elektronik, which accelerated the production of LED drivers with its experience in its own lighting products at LED Driver, continued its R&D studies during the pandemic process. Altez Elektronik has turned this period into an advantage by increasing the difficulties of the process and the efficiency of the working environment from home. Altez Elektronik, a member of DALI, has concluded its work to meet the need in the domestic market during this period when countries are closing their borders. Altez Elektronik has expanded its LED driver range in the process. Now it continues to bring its expanded product range to its customers abroad.

With this support, dali driver was added to the combo products with aisle function, dimmable, four-stage multiwatt and emergency kit and LED driver. Maintaining high efficiency and high power factor values as standard on all drivers. for more information


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