We asked our companies in the Lighting Sector what they did during the Pandemic period and what awaited us after that.

Group Image Lighting Acting General Manager Pelin Grit SARI

In the perspective of the decisions taken in order to keep the production and the work of the companies carried out by the Ministry of Industry in our country, we have taken a number of measures to protect the health of our employees and to continue our production. In the first period of the outbreak in our country, we made our teammates who can work from home work from home quickly. Since our IT infrastructure was sufficient, we quickly directed our staff who could work from home to the house. The contributions of remote work to our company have been very positive.

In order to ensure sustainability on the production side, we continued our production by keeping the measures at a high level. The advantage of having 2 separate production facilities was great at this point. By separating our staff and services, we have established a production line suitable for social distancing. Both of our factories were disinfected by professional teams every weekend. However, daily cleaning measures have been increased in line with the warnings of experts. In addition to the classic measures, we have changed the masks 4 times a day. We put hand sanitizer in certain areas and made sure that our employees washed their hands frequently. In addition to these measures, we have made an effort to carry out this process healthier by establishing some rules in order to protect the health of our employees. We have provided information by experts in the field about how to protect themselves from Covid 19 both in their social lives and in their work lives. We have moved routine meetings, customer and supplier interviews for the company to online platforms. While trying to protect the health of our employees in our factories, we have shortened the working times in order to keep the motivation of our staff working from home high. We kept communication and coordination with our employees high by holding one-to-one online meetings on a regular basis. At the same time, we have enabled our employees to participate in many trainings, enabling them to be informed and improve themselves in this process.In all this context, we tried to protect the health of our employees while ensuring continuity in production by acting in accordance with the instructions offered by the ministry on a regular basis. We tried to manage this process well as a whole team without any decrease in our capacity, productivity and number of employees. Taking into account the feedback of our teammates, we continued the arrangements and saw that the results were very positive together.

Naturally, we all experienced the negative effects experienced by the whole world during the pandemic period. We see that these negative effects in a short time will be an important opportunity in the long term. Now that the world has changed, we have learned that it has become more digital and the importance of technology is experienced by all circles. All countries saw once again the value of returning to inward and producing within the country during this period.

We think that the pandemic crisis is an important opportunity given Turkey's young population, geographical location and production capability. If we can turn this opportunity into a strategy with state policy, Turkey can be an important player in the surrounding geography in terms of production capability in the future.

We think that a very important opportunity is coming not only for the lighting sector, but also for all sectors and Turkish industry. After the first two months of the epidemic process, factors such as the optimism of our country in the fight against the epidemic and the new normalization steps that come with it, the resumption of projects, the formation of a movement on the export side show that our sector is relatively more alive than the first two months of the epidemic with the new normal.


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