TULIPP – Turkey Lighting Manufacturers Cluster


TULIPP – Turkey Lighting Manufacturers Cluster is a cluster created in 2019 with the gathering of 22 industry representatives. Cluster, T.C. It was created within the scope of "International Competitiveness Development Project" (UR-GE) with the support of the Ministry of Commerce.

The project and cluster are carried out under the coordination of Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO) and with the contributions of the Lighting Equipment Manufacturers Association (AGİd).

(UR-GE) projects are aimed at increasing competitiveness in international markets and achieving sustainable export targets by bringing together companies operating in the same business line and enabling them to work together for 3 years. Companies that come together by responding to this project call are working with their production capabilities, experienced expert staff to develop lighting technology and increase our strength as Turkey in international markets.

With clustering projects, it is aimed to support the joint actions and activities of companies for export such as Common needs analysis, Learning (training and consultancy) and Marketing (promotion, brand, trade delegation, matching) under the leadership of cooperation organizations.

The cluster, which comes together from the manufacturers of all sub-sectors of lighting such as Interior Lighting, Exterior Lighting, Emergency Lighting, can also offer solutions with the strong infrastructure of our country in lighting design and lighting application.

TULIPP – Turkey Lighting Manufacturers Cluster is the representative of our country in the worldwide development of sustainable lighting solutions. With its activities, it offers all our members the opportunity to network, develop innovative and technological products and take part in international projects with their solutions.
For more detailed information about TULIPP , visit https://tulipp-lighting.com/ .


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