TP-Link Smart Bulbs in Turkey…


TP-Link's smart bulbs, which connect to WiFi without any extra hardware and can be easily managed from smartphones, are available in Turkey. TP-Link smart bulbs with four different models are compatible with Amazon Alexa and can adjust the light for any environment and be programmed at different times of the day.

TP-Link®, the leader in the wireless network market, has been positioning itself within the smart home ecosystem for some time and developing products and solutions accordingly. The company, which launched its smart plugs last year, also brought its smart bulbs to Turkey. TP-Link offers price/performance solutions in smart home products just like network products. Quality and affordable TP-Link smart bulbs also stand out with their easy management features.

TP-Link smart bulbs connect to WiFi without additional hardware and can be easily managed from anywhere via smartphones with TP-Link's free app Kasa . Smart bulbs that allow you to turn the lights on and off easily even when you are not at home, it is also possible to adjust and preprogram the ambient light for any situation. The energy consumption of energy-efficient TP-Link smart bulbs can be monitored with kasa . Compatible with Amazon Alexa, the bulbs can also be managed with sound. It is no longer a dream to turn on the sound and lights when you come home or to change the volume of the light with the voice command.

TP-Link smart bulb models, features and prices offered for sale in Turkey are as follows:

  • LB100 model: With a light-adjustable white light and a lumens of light of 600 lumens, the LB100 provides stable and optional lighting for up to 13.7 years. Providing 2 million 700 thousand color temperatures, the product can bring white light to the desired level with its dimming feature. Price: 119 TL (including VAT).
  • LB110 model: With a brightness of 800 lumens, the LB110 smart bulb has a lifesah of 22.8 years. The product, which saves 80 percent energy compared to a normal 60W bulb, can be easily programmed with the Chassis application. Price: 145 TL (including VAT).
  • LB120 model: Offering brightness and fine-tuned light from soft white (2700K) to daylight (6500K), the TP-Link LB120 offers the ability to adjust light to specific times of the day. The energy usage of the LB120 can be monitored instantly from the chassis application. Price: 185 TL (including VAT).
  • LB130 model: The LB130 has a color change feature and can determine the appropriate lighting color. Offering colorful light as well as cold white tones (2700K-9000K), the bulb has a lumens light level of 800 lumens. Price: 249 TL (including VAT).


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