Totan Led Lighting is participating in the Elcom International Energy Engineering, Energy Efficiency and Automation Fair, which will take place in Kiev, Ukraine from April 9-12, on the way to continuing its activities with the goal of "100% Domestic Production" since 2011.

Totan Led Lighting will exhibit its wide range of products produced in domestic production and automation facility at the "Elcom 2019" fair, which will be held with the participation of leading companies in the field of many countries around the world.

Totan Lighting, which also carries out studies in the field of Import and Export, continuously carries out commercial activities with countries such as Germany, America, Ukraine, Africa, Iraq, Libya, Kenya and China in the international market, and in its production facility based on the full automation system established in an area of 3000 square meters, products are shipped to almost every province of Turkey and to various countries of the world.

To meet the demands of its customers with a service understanding that exceeds their expectations and quality service

Totan Lighting, which aims to provide services with its understanding, prioritizes people, nature and success in the projects it produces by keeping occupational safety, quality and time factors at the forefront in its internal studies and believing in the importance of effective teamwork.

Especially with its saving eco-friendly Bulbs, it has become a distinguished company in terms of quality in the Turkish market.

Totan Lighting, which is one of the manufacturers preferred by the construction sector, has launched its range of products that add color to the stylish design of environments with its panel group, shopping malls, hotels, congress centers, meeting rooms, show centers and end-user home products.

The "affordable price, quality product" policy of the company, which can be accessed through and operates in Istanbul, stands out as a leading company in turkey's domestic production field and lighting sector.

Totan Led, which attracts the intense interest of professional visitors and many companies in the fairs it participates in

Lighting products will be presented to the public at Elcom International Energy Engineering, Energy Efficiency and Automation Fair, which will be held with participating companies from many parts of the world, with quality and the most affordable price sensitivity.

Totan Led Lighting, which stands out with its growing capital and brand awareness not only in Turkey but also in the international market, is ready to share its experiences with international projects and collaborations as a company that closely follows and implements new technologies developing in the world.


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