Meet TLT PANEL's New Product Ar-On !..


TLT PANEL, one of the Osaka Group Companies, developed its LGP Technology and produced Decorative LED Lamps with a new patent.

LED Lamps, which showed rapid growth in the LED Lighting sector, unfortunately could not go beyond Filament LED Lamps from a decorative point of view. TLT evaluated this gap and produced a new R&On branded collection.

Users will now be able to use much more visually powerful lamps in their coats and chandeliers in different structures that they provide according to their tastes.

Ar-On Lamps are candidates to create a new breath in the world of lighting in terms of aesthetics and design…

Aiming to illuminate more decoratively with 5 wt energy consumption, Ar-On Lamps are also one step ahead of their competitors with their high efficiency and CRI values.

With 2200 Kelvin and 2700 Kelvin light color options, your spaces will become a warmer environment.

Ar-On Lambalar will represent Turkey in the 2020 DIA (Design Intelligence Award) competition with the decision of the Turkish Patent Institute Design Department.

R&D Lamps produced entirely with the technology developed by Turkish Engineers are accessible and offered for sale at affordable prices.


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