TEPTA Lighting, which has been providing products and services in the field of lighting for 30 years, has been awarded the title of "Design Center" by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.

Since its establishment, TEPTA Lighting, which has produced numerous projects in the fields of architecture, landscaping and interior design lighting, has been awarded the title of "Design Center" with the support of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology with the aim of making the country's economy competitive at the international level.

After more than a year of preparations and evaluations by the scientific boards, TEPTA Lighting, General Manager Robi Ebeoglu, who announced that they were approved for compliance with the criteria presented by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology and announced that they were accepted as "Design Center" on 02.10.2020, stated that this title will support their goals of producing more innovative and design-valued projects while increasing their responsibilities.

Ebeoglu added that they aim to increase the quality of human resources and expand their design vision with the advantages to be obtained. We offer the most suitable products and the best service for every lighting solution from lighting of an entire residence within the framework of the targeted aesthetic concept to offices and commercial structures, demo lightings, historical monuments and museums. Thanks to our 30 years of experience, we have established our own standards and quality management approach. This has made our application process very easy."

Stating that being a Design Center will have positive repercussions in TEPTA's medium and long-term strategies , Özlem Elim, Brand and Strategy Director of TEPTA Lighting, also took over as design center director. "In the application process; we presented our projects, design philosophy, production methods, teams and targets to people who know our academicians. We've had a lot of positive feedback. We have teams that have been designing for many years and we have a established working system. Our aim is to focus on trainings and invest in requirements that will improve our design power in order to increase the skills of the personnel we employ."

TEPTA, which has signed many projects both at home and abroad since its establishment, has projects in many different fields such as corporate areas, offices, cultural structures, historical monuments and institutions. In addition to the outdoor lighting of the Arter Museum, which opened in 2019, TEPTA was preferred for all the lighting of the OMM Woodpaper Modern Museum, which was implemented with the signature of Kengo Kuma in Eskisehir. The lighting of AKM, which was carried out by Tabanoglu in an architectural project, is being implemented by TEPTA.

Tepta has been sponsoring lighting at the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art since its establishment; continues to support cultural and artistic projects continuously. TEPTA, which closely follows Turkey's art agenda and pioneers the spread of accurate lighting in the field of art, periodically undertakes the exhibitions of Abdülmecit Efendi Pavilion, which opened simultaneously with the Istanbul Biennial, contemporary Istanbul and private galleries and the works in the Venice Architecture Biennial Turkey Pavilion.


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