TAVCAM Izmit Symbol Shopping Center Special Lighting


2200 handmade glass was used in the decorative lighting designed for a magnificent and lively welcome, drawing attention even from a distance to the entrance of the newly opened Symbol Mall in Izmit. During R&D studies for this lighting, which reaches nine meters in length, a new glass retention method was developed to maximize safety. With vibrant colors selected in lighting and fantastic glass form, symbol mall has a crazy

welcome awaits visitors.

TAVCAM was founded in 1979. It continues its journey with light, chandelier and lighting products, as well as versatile project designs and applications. It exports glass, chandelier and lighting products with its own designs to more than 40 countries from America to Japan. TAVCAM, which is a pioneer in the sector with its special lighting designs and handcrafted glass art production, represents Turkey with great love, pride and success in the field of handcrafted glass and decorative lighting by using the most advanced techniques and technologies of the time when necessary.





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