Sylvania Turkey Office Prepares for New Investments


In this issue, we visited the Office of Global Lighting Brand Sylvania Turkey and discussed the projects realized with Project Manager Ebru Kurucu for the readers of our journal and new investments with Marketing Manager Togay Akbas. We have learned that the work of the Sylvania Turkey office has been further supported by Sylvania Global and that new projects and investments will be signed. We also discussed the Georgia Batumi Stadium project designed by Architect Bahadir Kul and of which HERALED is a lighting solution partner.

Can you briefly mention the Sylvania Turkey Project team?
Sylvania Turkey project group is a team consisting entirely of electrical engineers who specialize in lighting design and therefore come to the project sale starting from the kitchen of the business. The team, which has an extremely strong technical infrastructure, gives full support to all customer groups from end user to architect in the project ecosystem with its customer-oriented approach.

How do you actively take part in projects as a company?
We are actively involved in upper and middle category projects with our products that can appeal to all segments, including Interior and Exterior Lighting. Especially in museum projects, we serve our customers in all subjects with our innovative Museum fixtures and lighting design team.Before the end of this year, we will share our new projects signed by Sylvania with you.

Georgia Batumi Stadium is one of the important reference projects carried out by the Sylvania Turkey Team abroad. Can you tell us about the project, especially the Lighting Technique?
Batumi Stadium, which has a capacity of 20,000 spectators and complies with the requirements of the UEFA IV Category, was designed by Architect Bahadir Kul inspired by the dynamism and enthusiasm of the Georgian people, which also influenced folk dances specific to Georgian culture. With this in mind, it was intended to have a rhythmic effect with the successive panels used on the façade of the stadium. At the same time, the design of the stadium will vary according to the spirit of the organization to be held in front of it. The concept design was inspired by Georgia's passion for dance. It uses the vortex movement, which is common in Caucasian dances.

Batumi Stadium in Georgia,

The trend towards sporting events around the world has evolved after people stayed in their comfort zones at home. Therefore, there was a need to encourage people to leave their homes and watch live sports.In this project, which is very important for Anagi Construction, the main contractor of the stadium, it is critical that the venue offers a fully integrated solution that allows use for 365 days a year. In addition, the stadium is intended to use the latest technologies to deliver a "priority fan" experience that will appeal to both local and international sports and entertainment enthusiasts.

Creating lighting effects for special events involving iconic brands, different colors, nuances and dynamics is possible with "smart and dynamic lighting", and all it takes to create all these effects is the touch of a fingertip. The range of light effects that can be created with RGB Sword Direct View fixtures produced by HeraLED ranges from white-red lighting of the Stadium on the country's major national holidays to multicolored visualizations and special concepts for international league tournaments. The new lighting solution controlled by MADRIX allows Batumi Stadium to create dynamic, fully customized light shows. One of the applications of the lighting system is to help create an exciting atmosphere by matching the lights with the colors of sports teams. The lighting on the façade emphasizes the unique nature of this bright installation, which will enrich the urban landscape. Movement and color changes are applied extremely precisely by our products.

What should be considered in space or architectural lighting? The purpose of lighting is to help with human needs, which are fundamentally very diverse. Emotions, actions, perceptions and health are affected by lighting. Lighting is to create conditions that are necessary for visual detection and that are in accordance with the characteristics of the subject. The most important goal of a lighting manufacturer and designer is to maintain control of light. The Angle, Quantity, Propagation, Light Color and color return of light to surfaces, my position must be adjusted according to the desired goal to be created.

With the increasing importance of reducing energy consumption as much as possible and ensuring that it can be applied in everyday life in the most economical way, it is extremely important to save energy by reducing energy input by increasing lighting efficiency without sacrificing visual performance and comfort. However, it is to provide sustainable lighting without losing light performance.

Sylvania Turkey has brought an important excitement to our country's Lighting Sector. Can you tell us about the process by which the brand has reached this point?
Sylvania brand has included the first "Made in Turkey" products as a global brand in Turkey. To Lighting Technical readers; Before the end of 2020, we would like to announce that we will bring our new product groups "Made in Turkey" to our customers. In addition, Sylvania works with HeraLED as a solution partner in the Middle East and Turkey for façade lighting. Batumi Stadium, Emirates Airlines EXPO 2020, are some of the best examples of these works and we continue to sign our signatures with our Turkish Products in frontline projects in Dubai. Finally, the fact that we have new friends who joined our Sylvania family in 2020 and will continue to participate in 2021 clearly shows that the brand is satisfied with the Organization of Turkey and will continue to invest.

Sylvania is a global brand with very important products. It is stated that some products of Sylvania brand are limited in our country at the moment.
We have over 20 thousand kinds of products in our product portfolio and many of our product groups also have a logistics center with a serious square meter based in Istanbul. From here, shipments are made to all four corners of Turkey every day. Except in extraordinary circumstances and situations; We produce the product in our factory located in all parts of the world and deliver it within 3-4 weeks at the latest.


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