In the "GOLD PULL International Building Catalog Awards", which came to life for the 26th time, flying linear horizontal product was awarded the BUILDING CATALOG LIGHTING CATEGORY AWARD in the CATEGORY OF INNOVATIVE PRODUCT IN THE STRUCTURE.

The 2020 GOLDEN ÇEKÜL jury consisting of representatives of International Architects, Industrial Engineers, Academicians, Corporate marketing and digital marketing companies had a say in certain categories, while over 10,000 architects in different categories participated in the vote with special invitation in digital environment. Sonled participated in the competition with the product "Flying Linear Horizontal" and was awarded by the jury in the LIGHTING CATEGORY.

The SONLED FLY LINEAR HORIZONTAL LIGHTS series combines technology and craftsmanship. Using advanced technology, shapely harems are created on the reflection surface. While the light emitted from these harems provides homogeneous distribution, the patterns it contains reveal the character of the area used. SONLED offers 4 different pattern options in this product.

SONLED has incorporated the production of products using the technique called light guide panel, short for LGP. This is a laser scanning technique on acrylic surface. With this technique, the desired pattern or logo is processed on the acrylic surface and the radiation creates hares on this scanned surface. Thus, the rendered pattern provides permeability on the surface, allowing the image to appear. The workmanship is quite laborious, but the resulting work is excellent. It creates a decorative visual feast that attracts attention.

There is an electro-static powder painted metal body. In the lighting center, the desired light temperature can be captured in the space with Plexi, Polystyrylene, Polycarbonate, Polypropylene materials. Patterns are processed with a special laser technique. When lighting is provided, the pattern offers a very pleasant appearance thanks to the reflected lights. Compatible with centralized elective management systems (DALI). Dimmer and Emergency Kit can be applied. The product can also be designed under plaster, plaster top or hanger.

GOLD DRAW International Building Catalog Awards are the prestige awards of the building industry.Turkey's first product award in the field of building materials organized by the Building-Industry Center from 1991 to 2017 is given to individuals and institutions, products and companies that are professional and expert in their fields around criteria suitable for 3 categories under the roof of THE BUILDING CATALOG as of 2020.


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