With "Silvana Light Maze", the Doors of a Magical World Open at Emaar Square Mall!


Emaar Square Mall, the new shopping and entertainment center of the Anatolian Side, offers its visitors a colorful experience with its art and light show "Silvana Light Maze". "Silvana Light Maze", designed by world-renowned architect Ben Busche/Brut Deluxe , will attract Istanbul residents to Emaar Square Mall for 6 months with its magnificent atmosphere.

Emaar Square Mall, the new stop of shopping and entertainment on the Anatolian Side, brought the "Silvana Light Maze", which received great attention during its exhibition in England, to Turkey. "Silvana Light Maze", described as an art and light show and designed by world-renowned architect Ben Busche/Brut Deluxe, started to be exhibited at Emaar Square Mall on April 5, 2018. The maze, which was first exhibited in the UK in late 2017, was presented to visitors in Emaar Square Mall in a different form for the first time in Turkey immediately afterwards.

The highly popular "Silvana Light Maze" consists of 72 acrylic glass with a height of 2.20 m and a triangular shape. As visitors walk through the installation, rainbow colors are reflected through the windows and surround visitors with a maze of layers of color and light. Thanks to the mirrored film that surrounds the "Silvana Labyrinth of Light" from the outside, visitors feel like they have entered an infinity room.

Once inside, ever-changing light shapes and dynamically changing hues make visitors feel like they're in a moving universe. Creating a magnificent atmosphere with powerful LED lights, the maze creates interesting light shadow games with the influence of daylight during the day, while at night it becomes a colorful world.

The "Silvana Light Maze", which will be exhibited in Emaar Square Mall for 6 months, will attract not only anatolian side, but also all Istanbul residents and local and foreign tourists.

Emaar Square Mall, which is the first shopping mall in Istanbul and the newest and most ambitious living center of the Anatolian Side, was designed as a destination that offers the 'best' of shopping, entertainment and gastronomy in "One square at a time". Reflecting istanbul's rich cultural heritage and spirit, Emaaar Square Mall hosts over 250 shops and over 50 restaurants and cafes, including luxury brands for the first time in Turkey, offering an approach that meets every need of modern city life, from shopping to gastronomy and entertainment. Emaar Square Mall also includes some of the world's leading brands, including Cartier, Gucci, Hermes, Harry Winston, Hugo Boss and the first and only store of the famous French brand Galeries LaFayette in Turkey.

Emaar Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, which are part of Emaar Square Mall's entertainment portfolio, host over 20,000 species of creatures, while Cinemaximum Emaar Square Mall, which consists of 15 movie theaters with a capacity of 2,400 people, is one of the largest cinemas in the city with its gold class hall, the first 4DX display on the Anatolian side of the city and IMAX technology. Located in Emaar Square Mall, which combines traditional with modern, Turkish Village combines the dynamism of small markets all over Istanbul.


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