World's largest LED greenhouse lighting from Signify


Tomatoes grown in Russia with LED lights from Philips LightingSignify has signed an agreement with Agro-Inwest for the world's largest LED greenhouse lighting project, measuring 100 football pitches

Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, announced that Agro-Inwest, one of russia's most modern and fast-growing fresh vegetable growing companies, wants to increase its tomato greenhouse area from 25 hectares to 68.5 hectares.

The greenhouse area to be illuminated is the size of 100 football fields.

In 2017, Signify and Agro-Inwest signed the world's largest LED greenhouse lighting project. The successful results of the harvest in a short time were the driving force in the company's investment in Philips GreenPower LED top lighting and Philips Green Power LED interlight systems for tomato production. The size of the project proves Signify's leadership in greenhouse lighting systems.

Tomatoes grown in Russia with LED lights from Philips Lighting

Commenting on the issue, Udo van Slooten, Director of Signify's Greenhouse Separation Business Line, said, "The demand for locally grown vegetables and fruits in Russia is growing. Agro-Inwest also meets this increase by expanding the production scale thanks to LED lighting. Our partnership has been a great success. We are very pleased to help the company grow by reducing the cost of production while increasing product quality and predictability for the continuity of this success."

Agro-Inwest has already achieved excellent results in the 25 hectare tomato greenhouse area equipped with Philips LED greenhouse lighting system. Agro-Inwest Deputy General Manager and General Director Irina Mashkova; "Philips LED lighting allows us to save almost 50% of the energy we use, while at the same time improving predictability in growth, appearance of the product and harvesting. We will be compensating for the costs we have made for this project in two to four years. It is very attractive in terms of investment profitability. In addition, Signify has great accuracy in predicting our earnings, so we are confident in our future results. We are aware that the future is in LED, and Signify has proven how reliable and well-aware a partner is in this context."

Tomatoes grown in Russia with LED lights from Philips Lighting


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