Signify Launches An App that Will Illuminate Employees' Lives with One Touch


Signify, the leading brand in global lighting, thanks to its Internet of Things (IoT)based Interact Pro solution for small and medium-sized enterprises in Turkey; it reveals the power of lighting and saves energy for businesses.

Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, introduces Interact Pro, the newest member of the Internet of Things (IoT)based Interact portfolio. Interact Pro, the first multifunction lighting system and software developed for small and medium-sized enterprises, is signify's most innovative step in the framework of leadership and growth in connected lighting systems.

It provides a high level of support for comfort and motivation in the working environment…

Interact Pro provides SMEs with the opportunity to easily control and manage their lighting thanks to its application and dashboard, while making the working environments of SMEs more efficient. On the other hand, interact pro, which allows businesses to save a high degree of energy, works integrated with Philips' Interact Compatible lamps, fixtures and sensors. Thanks to the system, employees can work more efficiently in a comfortable working environment by choosing the light suitable for their viewing comforts, work and time of day.

According to research, people spend 90 percent of their lives in buildings; This striking result[1] reveals how important indoor lighting is, especially at work. Interact Pro, on the other hand, provides the most comfortable and comfortable working environment thanks to its adjustable light features, ensuring maximum motivation of employees.

Signify Turkey Sales Director Saner Kırık  He said: "I'm not going to let you get away with it. "As Signify, we are happy to sign a first in Turkey again. The Internet of Things (IoT) has unearthed unique opportunities in lighting, and we are pleased to offer this opportunity to SMEs through Interact Pro. Interact Pro provides SMEs with more data and higher AI, enabling them to make more effective decisions; in this way, it enables them to make their businesses more efficient and to provide a more enjoyable work environment for employees. As we have always underlined, good lighting conditions can improve people's mood and comfort; on the other hand, it increases employee satisfaction and productivity because it is given the opportunity to control their environment. Thanks to the Interact Pro system, small and medium business owners and employees will increase in-office efficiency by using the Interact Pro app through their smartphones, while preventing unnecessary light use and saving up to 90%." Smarter businesses with smart lighting

Designed for small to medium commercial areas with offices up to 1,000 m2 and industrial areas up to 10,000 m2, interact pro can connect up to 200 lighting points at the same time.

Businesses can adjust lighting settings through the web portal, gateway, dashboard, and app in cloud-connected Interact Pro software.

Where Interact Pro is most useful; offices, warehouses and parking lots. Lighting sensors automatically detect when someone is coming and activate the lighting system to turn on the lights, while turning off the light when it is empty; thus reducing energy use and costs. In addition, the energy efficiency of enterprises increases thanks to sensors that can automatically detect the daylight level and adjust the light accordingly. Data from the connected lighting system can be seen in the Interact Pro dashboard and app. Thus, business owners can achieve their sustainability goals with their informed decisions in energy use management and demonstrate an example of corporate social responsibility. In addition, push notifications and security updates on the Interact IoT platform keep the system up to date automatically.

Groundbreaking improvement in commissioning speed

With Interact Pro software, Philips Interact Compatible bulbs and fixtures are activated with zigbee 3.0 open global wireless standard. The installation of a wireless connected lighting system can be carried out faster than traditional lighting systems thanks to its mobile application-based mechanism. Thus, both the installers can move to their next job faster and they interrupt customers' work in the least way. Interact Pro is the only system that combines fixtures and lamps into a connected system that carries features such as light adjustment, grouping and programming in the same way.

Interact Pro enables lighting professionals to provide data-driven, value-added services, enabling them to give positive advice to customers and to stimulate stable business by developing long-term relationships. Installers can find errors remotely with the permission of the SME owner and check the health status of the lighting system via the Interact Pro instrument panel. Thus, they detect all kinds of problems in the lighting system and do not waste time with customer visits.

Philips Interact Compatible lamps, fixtures and sensors

The new Philips Interact Compatible lamp, fixture, sensor and switch series compatible with Interact Pro is also available worldwide. The Interact Compatible lamp and fixture series includes panels, downlights, ethane fixtures and LED tube.


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