Signify to light up Austrails Seafoods seafood farms


Australis Seafoods chose Signify as the main supplier of LED lighting for sustainable seafood farms in Chile

Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, has been selected as the main supplier for underwater LED lighting of Australis Seafoods' seafood farms in Chile. Australis chose Signify because of its strong support for its responsible and efficient aquaculture goals and its commitment towards a sustainable world.

Bill Bien, leader of the Signify Agricultural Lighting business group, said: "We are very concerned about the need for a range of "According to the UN, about 90% of the world's fish reserves are completely exploited, over-exploited or consumed. Proper policies and responsible fish farming are needed to protect fish stocks," he said. "With our LED lighting, we help our customers make sea salmon farms more efficient, improve feed cycle rates, and reduce food costs and infection risks."

Healthier fish

Signify's capacity is mimicked by underwater lamps up to 100,000 lumeters, mimicking the summer sun. Just as in summer, when feed is better converted (higher Feed Cycle Rate), these lamps help with growth. Thus, with the reduction of the need for feed, the costs are also reduced and the waters are cleaner. Lamps placed at a depth of five meters attract fish to it, significantly reducing infections caused by sea lice living close to the surface.

Signify first installed Philips underwater LED lighting products at Australis' Moraleda fish farm in Aysén, Chile. Following excellent results from growth and feed cycle rates (FCR), Australis asked Signify to equip the entire facility with new technology. Moreover, it recorded the best production figures in Australis history and was built in the 11th century. The best Skretting 2019 fish production farm in the region was named.

Aiming for excellence, Australis Seafoods produces high quality and fresh salmon within the framework of sustainability standards. Voicing concerns about environmental conditions, the salmon and trout expert company focuses specifically on sustainable production of species in Chilean Patagonia. Aware that it is everyone's duty to ensure long-term sustainability in the industry, Australis attaches great importance to this basic principle.

Signify has been serving the Chilean salmon industry for years with innovative photoperiyot systems that optimize salmon production by controlling the duration of light. Atlantic salmon is a fish that is particularly susceptible to changes in parr-smolt conversion (physiological changes that Juvenile (juvenile) fish undergo in adaptation from fresh water to salt water) in fresh water and salt water.

Aysén 11. Australis, who founded Signify's photoperiyot systems on most of the region's fish farms, was founded in the Magallanes 12th century. He's going to adapt the systems in the area accordingly.

Lucas Correa, Australis Seafoods' Assistant Director for Maintenance and Structures, said, "Signify stands out as an innovative actor in lighting in the aquaculture industry in Chile. We took this into account, evaluated different solutions and options comparatively and eventually selected themselves as the main supplier of the photoperiiot category in fish production."

Bill Bien said, "Australis; has always been open to experimenting with innovations, new technologies, innovations, improvements. We think that they are always one step ahead, always interested in the subject, thinking analytically, making their decisions in the light of real studies and tests, especially in production-related issues. It is very important that both sides are committed to sustainable fish farming so that we can establish good cooperation. Australis and I develop together as a single team, we receive excellent logistics and operational support from them in all areas and stages of the production cycle."


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