Yavuz Lighting, which establishes a production facility after taxes on imported products, contributes to the formation of sub-industry in the Lighting Sector with its new factory. We discussed the company's work and developments in the sector with Mustafa YAVUZ, CHAIRMAN OF YAVUZ LIGHTING MANAGEMENT BOARD.

Can you briefly tell us about Yavuz Lighting?
Yavuz Lighting was founded by Yavuz Metal in 2015. Yavuz Metal started in 1993 with the production of connection equipment in the lighting industry. It continues its production activities with its high-tech machine park, connection and metal components of decorative and technical lighting products. In 2015, we decided to establish Yavuz Lighting company after additional customs duties on imported lighting equipment from other countries other than European products. Yavuz Lighting specializes itself on the basis of products and produces previously imported products to importers with high quality expectations with its own brands and domestic production concept.

Can you tell us about the capacity of your production lines?
First of all, I would like to say that Yavuz Lighting is not an assembly company. We carry out the stages from raw material to final product. We are currently one of the few companies that can convert raw materials into products. Lighting equipment consists of three main components mechanically, optically and electronically. Yavuz lighting transforms all aluminum or sheet metal construction bodies, which we call mechanical, from raw material to semi-finished products in its own facility. We convert diffuser, LGP and Reflector parts, which we call optical components, from plastic granular or sheet materials into the desired form in our own facility. In electronic components, we perform LED and lens strings on PCB with the typesetting lines in our body. We have a PCB production line with a production capacity of 30,000 m2 per month. LED drives, on the other hand, are imported directly and supplied so that the quality of production is constantly checked.

It is difficult to be a manufacturer in the lighting industry in Urkiye. Usually in the lighting industry there is an assembly-based system. You also provide production from raw material to final product. So what is the most challenging part of lighting production?
Unfortunately, this country has a chronic problem. We are talking about problems that need to be seriously measures put in place and which are becoming gangrene by the day. Since 2015, a number of measures have been implemented in state tariffs in order to reduce the current account deficit, increase employment, protect domestic manufacturers and prevent unfair competition. Previously, it began to charge a 20% audit tax in addition to the $8 surveillance tax on finished or mounted lighting appliances. This measure has been the main factor for us to invest in the lighting sector. If it wasn't for this protection measure, Yavuz Lighting would not have been installed. Yavuz Lighting is a high-tech manufacturing company with close to 100 personnel. Yavuz Lighting contributes to reducing the current account deficit and increasing the employment rate by preventing direct imports. At this point of application, this law excludes the supervision and inspection tax on the importation of parts and parts of lighting equipment. Importers imported all the parts and started to assemble only here. In fact, the installation of a lighting applith does not cause it to be exempt from the supervision and inspection tax. During imports, companies defuse the law to turn this situation in their favor. In other news, they declare assembled product parts as parts and parts, bring them into the country on behalf of different loading or different companies, evasion of inspection and inspection and damage to the public. By doing so, they do not leave a competitive environment for companies that produce real domestic production. In addition, quality is coming back more and more by the day.

A solution to this issue needs to be produced urgently. Because for an industry to survive, it needs to have a strong sub-industry. When you don't protect an industry's sub-industry from unfair competition, there's no chance of survival. As a result, we think that protection measures applied in different sectors should be applied within the lighting sector. For example, if you want to use I think that a supervision tax should be imposed on parts and parts in lighting equipment, as in the furniture industry or in the small household appliances industry. As Yavuz Lighting, we want this inspection to be applied in a healthy way even though we import about 30% of the components of the products we produce. Because no sector without a sub-industry can survive.

As a company, what would you like to say to your partners who will read this article abroad about the production conditions in Turkey and about quality? How would you like to respond to the request from abroad?
As Yavuz Lighting, we attach importance to quality-oriented product production. In order to produce our products in accordance with CE norms and to be long-lasting, we have taken laboratory investment to the next level during this year. In our laboratory, we are able to carry out LVD and EMC tests of the products produced in our factory. We have incorporated equipment that we have previously purchased as an external service, which can perform temperature, IP, IK, plastic and metal components tests from LVD tests within the scope of EN 60598, Conducted and Radiated Emission, Surge, Burst/EFT and ESD tests within the scope of EN 55015, and gonyo photometers and spheres and light tests within the scope of EN 55015. In this context, we plan to increase our qualified product investments. With the increase of our qualified products and the increase in quality, we aim to respond fully to the demands coming from abroad. We are working with all our efforts to do our part as Yavuz Lighting to stop being an importing country and to become an exporting country.


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