Schréder will continue its activities in Turkey with its new organization


SCHRÉDER LIGHTING INC. HAS TRANSFERRED ITS ACTIVITIES TO SCHRÉDER GULF Schréder, which has an important place in the world in outside lighting, decided to continue its activities in Turkey with Dubai-based Schreder Gulf with its new organization.

Founded in Belgium in 1906 and operating with 46 companies worldwide for 111 years, Schréder decided to continue its activities in Turkey with Dubai-based Schréder Gulf with its worldwide restructuring and brand new goals. In addition to Turkey, Schréder is also restructuring in North America, Vietnam, Singapore and China.

"We have achieved significant success in Turkey"

"We have been in Turkey since 1993. In Turkey, where we operated as a country office until 2016, our success allowed us to continue our way as a company at the beginning of 2016. We have achieved significant success in Turkey in a 24-year period. In Turkey, we have implemented projects such as Black Sea Coastal Road Tunnels, Konak Tunnel, Lifeguard Tunnel, July 15 Martyrs Bridge and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge highway lighting works, all exterior lighting of Istanbul İstinye Park Shopping Center, Osman Gazi Bridge Highway and Decorative Lighting and Taksim Square lighting within the scope of 'Taksim Square and Nearby Arrangement Project'.

With the decision to reorganize globally, Schréder decided to transfer its activities in Turkey. Schréder is restructuring its operations with us in different countries, including China, North America, Vietnam and Singapore. Although we regret this decision, we are proud of the projects we have signed in Turkey and believe that our success will be continued with the new structure. Management of the Turkish market has been transferred to Schréder Gulf, and with this transfer, a Liaison Office is opening in Istanbul for the new organization. We continue our activities in Turkey in the same way, it will only be the way we work that changes. We will follow our commercial processes, which we previously carried out with direct sales, through dealers. My role as General Manager ends on June 30, 2018, and I transfer my position to Melik Özpehlivan, who will take part in Istanbul and manage the Turkish Liaison Office. We will complete the processes by contacting Melik Özpehlivan in ongoing collaborations. With this new structure in Turkey, we will continue our activities from where we left off."

Schréder's new brand identity "Experts in Lightability" introduced

Zeynep Akkaya, General Manager of Schréder Lighting, who also provides information about lightability, the new brand identity that defines expertise in lighting, said, "Lightability is a word created to represent what Schréder does, how he does it, and what the company means. It refers to the reshaping of the way lighting is used through efficiency, innovation, sustainability and expertise. We emphasize our 111 years of expertise with our new brand identity, which we introduced at the Light&Building fair held in Frankfurt in March 2018. We continue to reach the highest potential in lighting that empowers people, affects their lives, supports communities, and can transform areas, cities and planets."


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