Rio Smart Smart Road and Street Lighting Control System H1


Energy saving, efficiency, ease of maintenance, traceability, flexible designs, long-lasting and environmentally sensitive products have become increasingly important in the process of converting to LED technology in the studies carried out within the scope of energy efficiency in road and street lighting.

With its aesthetic design, environmental sensitivity and SMART systems, Rio Road and Street fixture is suitable for use in M1, M2, M3, M4, M5 road classes, with effective energy saving and ease of maintenance advantages, it is ready for both new projects and LED conversion projects of old systems.

The most basic function of the Rio Smart system is to enable remote fixture control. Light levels of fixtures can be adjusted from anywhere via the web application without the need for additional wiring, without requiring switches or dimmers, without the obligation to access the energy supply of the system. H2

On/OFF control can be done with Rio Smart. It can be controlled in groups or on the basis of individual fixtures in accordance with lighting scenarios prepared according to user needs / requests. All fixtures can be viewed in real time through the maps application on the web interface, which is the transfer of real-time data via satellite. Operating conditions/malfunctions can be detected. Working statuses and consumption reports can be obtained as feedback during the desired periods. In order to achieve all this, complex system installation stages can be carried out effectively within an area of 8-10 km to control and monitor fixtures using an internet provider without additional costs.

How Does Rio Smart Work? H3

  1. Wireless Communication H4

Communication with lighting fixtures is done securely via Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi coverage is extended by creating chain communication from the fixture to the fixture. As the coverage expands, their fixtures begin to receive signals directly through the wi-fi provider, rather than through the armature closest to them. If the Wi-Fi provider is requested as a service, control over the system can be achieved by creating a portable Wi-Fi area via mobile phone.

2.SMART Controller H4

Thanks to the SMART control unit integrated into each armature, each armature can be controlled individually, on/off, so there is no need to use an astronomical relay. The option to adjust the system light level is designed to be compatible with the 1-10V dim systems, which are often preferred in outdoor lighting.

  1. Diagnostic Sensors H4

Intelligent sensor applications that ensure that the fixture works smoothly in the current operating state and that the causes of failure are transferred to the system via the cloud in case of failure. If desired, these sensor applications can be developed on a project-based basis, based on the need for user and usage area.


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