REGENT Lighting reinterprets light with LIGHT PAD


Switzerland's REGENT Lighting offers the visual comfort needed for office lighting with its LIGHT PAD series. LIGHT PAD was developed with the needs of modern office concept spaces with open and table sharing, especially architecture and design offices.

LightPAD is independent and modular, standing on a single stand, so it can be aligned to fit a large table configuration. Thanks to its three different headgear, the luminaire ensures that different homogeneous light distributions, including double asymmetrical light, are achieved directly and indirectly at the optimum level in single or quad-person workstations.

With the "Tunable" version of the series, it is possible to apply different lighting scenarios. In places that do not benefit sufficiently from sunlight, these scenarios, which can include "Human Oriented Lighting", which aims to provide the level of light needed by human biorhythm, can be easily changed by controlling them with mobile devices. With the special mobile application that works compatible with Android and iOS, automatic or personalized lighting preferences can be applied by selecting color temperature values ranging from hot white to cold white with natural sunlight and business mode options.

IN ADDITION to providing the necessary conditions for perfect lighting, LIGHTPAD, the new series of REGENT Lighting, which LAMP 83 is a distributor of in Turkey, offers an ideal solution where light is used freely and efficiently in offices with its structure that can easily adapt to different layouts.


LIGHTPAD Series; architecture and drawing offices, open and desk shared offices, educational institutions, such as fields.


Key Features:

  • Homogeneous and shadowless lighting in offices with double asymmetric light distribution
  • Direct and indirect lighting option at the same color temperature
  • Ability to mount up to 4 fixture headgear on a stand
  • Ultra-thin body design of only 19 mm, 2000 mm body length
  • Light efficiency up to 119 lm/W
  • Light flux between 7,200-14,400 lumens, 2700-6500K (CCT) light color temperature
  • 74-142W, L90 50,000 hours of lifespan LED, CRI ≥80
  • Suitable for office lighting (UGR <19; Lmax ≥ 65 ° ≤ 3000 cd / m²)
  • Intelligent lighting technologies

o SensoDim® 3 asset detector in each of the fixture heads

o Control with smartphone

  • Daylight sensor,IP 20
  • Design: Schneider + Schumacher, Frankfurt am Main


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