Sudden Overvoltage and Lightning Protection of Led Street and Road Lighting Systems


In direct proportion to the acceleration of LED conversions, complaints of damage to Led Systems in the face of Lightning and swichting pulses are also increasing rapidly. At this point, the manufacturers that produce the most Led lighting systems are in a difficult situation. Customers and end users see the manufacturer as the fault manager and cite the product warranty. However, lightning and sudden overvoltage pulses from the grid leave led systems operating at low voltage level helpless at this point, the only correct step the manufacturer will take is to protect the system with AG Parafudr products produced under the IEC 61643-11 Standard. Although there is a small additional cost, this is a situation that must be explained to the customer. When Type 1+2+3 Coordination is provided within the scope of the gradual protection principle, the systems will not be damaged by lightning and sudden overvoltage pulses.

In LED systems, power lines and communication lines must be protected. Class 1+2 products should be placed directly under the pole type road lighting systems and Class 3 coordinated products should be placed on the systems on the pole. Some manufacturers only bring class 3 products from the Far East market and use them to reduce the cost. However, these products consisting only of diode system are directly damaged in the impact that may come above 5-10ka. In the protection package we have prepared as a Lightning Protection Center, we propose to use module products with Type 1+2 Safetec technology with 100ka resistance directly underneath, i.e. mov+gas discharge tubes and modules that provide unlimited damping, and we also use precision protection product that can be serially connected to the D-class (Type3) System on the pole and destroys all impacts between 40 and 1 ka that are activated under 25 nanoseconds. Finally, our project in Turkmenistan has received a lot of acclaim.

Due to the potential difference between the poles, the overcurrent of one pole easily damages other poles. In addition, we come across in many projects where lightning strikes affect LED systems even from an area 2km away where it falls due to soil specific resistance difference. AG Parafudr systems must remain an integral part of the system in LED projects. In fact, every product produced must contain led protection modules.

Our Raycap/Iskra Zascite Branded products manufactured in Slovenia are tested with maximum values under IEC 61643-11 Standard. Therefore, we recommend using Led Lightning Protection modules to ensure both confidence in our customer's eyes and to take the right steps within the scope of IEC 62305 standard

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