Philips Lighting's new name: Signify


Signify (Euronext code: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, announced today the title of new company following changes to the company's articles of association. The company, known as Philips Lighting N.V., has a new name, Signify N.V.

Signify CEO Eric Rondolat commented: "Our choice of our new company name has been instrumental in making light a smart language that combines and conveys meaning. Our new name is a clear expression of our strategic vision to unlock the extraordinary potential of light for brighter lives and a better world."

Signify will continue to use the Philips brand in its products under the existing license agreement with Royal Philips. At the beginning of 2019, the Company envisages the implementation of the name change in all countries in which it operates.

Founded in Eindhoven, Netherlands under the name Philips, the company has been leading the lighting industry for more than 127 years with its services to professional and consumer markets. In 2016, he left Philips to become a separate company listed on the Euronext Amsterdam Stock Exchange. In March 2018, the indicator was included in the AEX index.

Signify, which operates in more than 70 countries and has 32,000 employees, sold €7 billion in 2017 and invested €354 million in Research and Development.

Eric Rondolat added: "We act on the principle that light is a fundamental requirement. By connecting light to networks, software, and cloud computing, we open the door to a smarter world where light creates value beyond lighting."


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