Philips Unveils Lighting LiFi


Broadband data transfer technology via lighting
 The French company Icade paris is pioneering LiFi technology with fixtures working with Philips LiFi in its Paris office.
 Fiber; it provides a secure and stable, high-speed internet connection without compromising the light source.
 Philips became the first large-scale global lighting company to operate lighting fixtures with LiFi.

Philips Lighting (Euronext: LIGHT), a world leader in lighting, has launched Light Fidelity (LiFi), which can provide broadband Internet connectivity via light waves emitted by high-quality LED lighting. Based on the Internet of Things concept, Philips Lighting is the first global lighting company to offer LiFi-powered fixtures from its existing office lighting portfolio.
Olivia Qiu, Head of Lighting Innovation at Philips; "As the world's leading lighting company with enormous potential for today's digital age, we are proud to pioneer new and innovative services for our customers with LiFi. As radio frequencies become increasingly crowded, the visible spectrum of light allows a wide range of Internet of Things devices to connect simultaneously, steadily. This area has a large bandwidth and is not yet used much. As a lighting company, we enable our customers to benefit from state-of-the-art connectivity with the highest quality energy-efficient light."

Simultaneous broadband internet connection and quality lighting
LiFi is a two-way, high-speed wireless technology similar to WiFi, but uses light waves instead of radio waves to transfer data in a high-security way. Philips Lighting's office fixtures, powered by LiFi technology, enable broadband connectivity at a speed of 30 Mbps per second without compromising lighting quality. At 30Mb/s, it also allows a user to watch videos of various HD quality at the same time while performing video searches.

Icade, a French real estate investment company, is pioneering this groundbreaking technology in its smart office in La Defense, Paris. Emmanuelle Baboulin, Head of Commercial Property Investment at Icade, said, "LiFi has the potential to really be a game-changer in offices. As the leader in our market, we wanted to explore the possibilities of this technology for current and future customers. We plan to showcase this technology in our smart office at La Defense; Therefore, in addition to stable connectivity, light quality is very important to us."

of LiFi LiFi benefits more from WiFi because, like hospitals, radio waves create interference in equipment or can be used in places such as underground environments, where it is not possible to reach WiFi signals or where these signals are weak. Other uses include environments that require high security, such as the administrative parts of a financial institution or government agency. The light based on LiFi provides an extra layer of security as it cannot pass through solid walls and an open line of sight is needed to access the network.

How does LiFi work?
Each fixture is equipped with a built-in modem that changes light at speeds that cannot be detected by the human eye. The light is detected by a LiFi USB switch/lock attached to a laptop or tablet socket (in the future, this technology will be built into laptops and devices). The Fiber USB lock transfers data back to the fixture via an infrared link. Philips' LiFi-powered fixtures give customers twice the benefit due to quality, energy-efficient LED light and high-security, stable and robust connectivity, as LiFi has a spectrum 10,000 times larger than WiFi.

Why LiFi from Philips Lighting?
Philips Lighting leads the way in providing seamless hand-changing between lighting points; which means that when a user moves from one side of a large office to the other, the connection continues because the transition from one lighting point to another is happening. The coverage of fixtures working with Philips LiFi is also believed to be the widest on the market. The company has also made regular office fixtures that provide quality, energy efficient light work with LiFi


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