Get ready for a whole new entertainment experience with Philips Hue

  • Philips Lighting has announced new steps in its journey to deliver intense gaming, film and music experiences with Hue Entertainment.
  • The Philips Hue app is now even easier to use, with the development of its existing features and new features added.
  • Later in the year, consumers will be able to add a new range of outdoor products to their Philips Hue lighting family. 

    Philips Lighting (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, has announced some new software features and improvements to the Philips Hue eco-system. With the updates, consumers will now be able to turn their daily domestic lighting into rich experiences and use light all over their homes, from their lounges to their backyards, for brand new purposes. Philips Hue Entertainment: The most natural version of the intense entertainment experience

    With the free update over the wireless network in December 2017, Philips Hue V2 bridge and Philips Hue users with color-changing bulbs will be able to experience truly intense domestic entertainment. Philips Hue bulbs sync perfectly with game, movie and music content thanks to new software developed as a result of pilot studies and insights and feedback provided by the leading companies in the entertainment industry. Razer, the world's leading lifestyle brand for gamers, will be the first partner company to go live.

    In addition to the new Hue Entertainment feature, lighting will launch Hue Sync in the second quarter of 2018, an app that will run on any Windows 10 or macOS High Sierra-based computer. With Philips Hue Sync, an instant and intense light show command will be created for all computer games, all movies watched and all music listened to, allowing users to enjoy the content more.

    Chris Worp, Philips Lighting Home Solutions Business Group Leader, said at CES Fair: "Philips Hue's goal has been to transform everyday lighting solutions into exceptional experiences from the outset. With the expansion of Hue Entertainment, the announcement of our first content partner and the launch of the Hue Sync app, we are taking this goal to the next level. Our first step is the gaming segment, which is the largest area of the entertainment industry and we will continue with film and music integrations. To reach the full potential of combining light and entertainment and move to the next level, we have opened the Philips Hue Entertainment API and tools to the software developer community. We look forward to the creativity of software developers being reflected in our new applications and making the most of hue's impressive power."

    Discover what Philips Hue can do by downloading the app's version 3.0 update

    Philips Hue will introduce the redesigned Hue app for iOS and Android to its users in the early second quarter of 2018. Based on comments, feedback and opinions from Philips Hue users, the new app has improved existing features and featured new features that allow consumers to brighten their homes more intelligently and easily. The new app will improve daily use and smooth the installation and integration of both Hue accessories and Philips Hue Entertainment partner company integrations. The interface will also allow users to instantly access their last scene, simply group the bulbs, and choose color or color temperatures.

    Spice up your home from top to bottom with Hue

    In the summer of 2018, Philips Lighting will bring the Philips Hue experience out of the homes with the launch of outdoor products. This new range will allow users to achieve more than outdoor lighting by personalizing the ambience while having a comfortable time with their family, having fun with friends, in short, all the time they will spend outside. They will also be able to manage outdoor lighting with peace of mind when going home or outside.



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