Grass Fixtures from Pelsan


Brand New Lawn Fixtures from Pelsan to Parks and Gardens, Squares and Walking Paths

Parks, gardens and squares are areas where people come together, which are open for daytime use as well as evening hours. Lighting design is as important for users as the landscape architecture of these areas. These areas with good lighting design can become attractions.

Pelsan Lighting has presented its new grass fixtures to its customers by taking into account the latest architectural trends developing in the world and in our country. New products centered on performance for energy saving have been synthesized with lean architectural lines, giving a whole new look at the grass lighting category.

128lm/W Activity Factor to Save More Energy

Offering high performance with LED lighting technology, Pelsan's new grass fixtures consume less power and give more light. Its performance has been approved by the independent Pelsan Lighting Laboratory, approved by the Turkish Accreditation Agency. Luminaire modules have measurement results and reports in accordance with LM79 and TS EN 13032-1:2004+A1 standards. With this feature, it has become the products of choice of public institutions and organizations in addition to private projects.

New Grass Fixtures Have Long-Lasting, High Efficiency Components!

LED drives used in new grass fixtures have a lifes lifescrely of over 50,000 hours and LED chips over 60,000 hours.Its body, made of aluminum material, ensures effective cooling of LEDs. It is resistant to outdoor conditions.

Lenses that control light at an optimum level, do not take dust and water, have IP65 protection class do not turn yellow over time, are strengthened by UV contribution.

Product Portfolio suitable for everyone's liking with 15 new products!

New products named after the island are offered to their customers in 15 different bodies. In these products, it is also possible to make boutique productions specific to projects besides catalog values!Different arm angles, different RAL codes, different power and different


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