PELSAN LIGHTING UV-C Sterilization Fixtures


UV-C Sterilization Fixtures developed and manufactured by Pelsan Lighting that disinfect air and surfaces that kill viruses and bacteria can protect your home and workplace against viruses.

UV-C Sterilization Fixtures

  • UV-C Office Fixtures
  • UV-C Sterile IP65 Fixtures
  • UV-C Tape Fixtures
  • UV-C Recessable / Vineable Fixtures
  • UV-C IP65 Ethane Fixtures

UV-C Disinfection Luminaires

  • UV-C Office Luminaires
  • UV-C Sterile IP65 Luminaires
  • UV-C Batten Luminaires
  • UV-C Portable / Hangable Luminaires
  • UV-C IP65 Waterproof Luminaires

Click on the link to reach Pelsan UV-C Sterilization Fixtures and get detailed informationLINK/ Products


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