Pelsan Lighting San. Tic. Ltd. Sti.


Pelsan Lighting Inc., founded 35 years ago in Istanbul, is one of the largest producers in Turkey in the lighting sector with production, export and employment figures. 

Pelsan facilities with a closed area of 25.000 m² produce 4 million lighting fixtures per year with 450 employees and export them to 65 countries.

Optical, thermal, mechanical and electrical designs are made with Pelsan's R&D department, which has a strong engineering staff in its own right. With the Lighting Laboratory, which is also established within its own body and registered by the Turkish Accreditation Agency, the products are documented by subjecting them to all necessary tests. With these opportunities, Pelsan has also transitioned to LED technology, which has developed and spread in recent years, and has started to produce efficient fixtures suitable for this technology.

Pelsan, which also provides special design and lighting design services to the spaces with its holistic saving approach, is the main product groups of Interior Lighting, Exterior Lighting, Industrial Lighting, Lamp and Equipment.

Accepting as a duty to invest in the future of our country's lighting sector and its young people in the field of social responsibility, Pelsan grants lighting laboratories to universities and provides job and internship opportunities to students with the PMTP (Pelsan Lighting Management Trainee Program) program.

The lighting products produced are delivered to customers through a wide network of dealers, chain stores, Tedaş and project channels spread throughout the country.

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