A New Market Understanding from PDG Architects:


A New Market Understanding from PDG Architects: Antalya Regional Products Market

, designed by Architect Cengiz Gültek and Architect Murat Sahin, who considers all the potentials of antalya regional products market from an innovative point of view, Antalya Regional Products Market, with its streets, large common squares and structure that allows access from all corners, gathers all this usage under one roof and gathers all this usage under one roof. Propose.

PDG Architects, which has signed qualified projects on a national and international scale with its professional staff in its offices in Istanbul and Houston (USA), is signing the market design, which is the first example for Turkey in terms of supporting organic product producers and delivering their products to the public first hand, which has settled on an area of 3,200 m² in Antalya.

In design, architects who prefer monolithic roof covering, which is reminiscent of the natural structure of the region surrounded by mountain ranges with its organic form; he aimed to bring the roof's users together in this area, which he covered by taking them in from many different directions. In addition, with this sheltered area covered, the intake of natural light into the space has been increased and air circulation has been strengthened with the roof, which allows for healthy use in all seasons.




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